Let’s Explore the Impending Revolution! (The 5:14 Conversations, Part 1)

Ephesians 5:14
Wake up, everyone who is sleeping!
Rise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you!
The 5:14 Conversations
Part 1:
Let’s Explore the Impending Revolution
This series of occasional discussions with David Bryant
explores the revolutionary impact on Jesus followers
of the anticipated 2024 American CHRIST Awakening.
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NOTE: This series is based on recorded conversations with Dr. Steve Greene, late Publisher and Executive VP of Charisma Media.
Christ Now: Welcome! We’re delighted to have everyone join us in “The 5:14 Conversations” with David Bryant, the founder and director of CHRIST NOW. For over forty years, David has been a catalyst for “Christ Awakenings” across our nation and beyond. He is the author of widely acclaimed books, such as Christ Is NOW! Seven Groundbreaking Keys to Explore and Experience the Spectacular Supremacy of God’s Son Today.
David and his team at CHRIST NOW (along with multitudes of Jesus followers nationwide) have embraced the urgent appeal of Ephesians 5:14. We’re convinced it is time for God’s people in our nation to wake up to the supremacy of Christ and start living in the fullness of that vision.
This is the most critical issue facing the Church in America in 2024—as well as our nation as a whole. It is our one great hope today.
Throughout these deep-digging conversations, CHRIST NOW will be asking David questions many of you would like to ask him. His answers will bring you key insights he shares wherever he goes. The conversations will explore the revolutionary ramifications of any Christ Awakening that happen—for a person, a church, or a nation—when the focus of Ephesians 5:14 explodes into reality!
Christ Now: David, so happy we can sit and chat a little bit today.
David: Glad to join the conversation. I’m always excited about the vital issues we’ll be covering together throughout this series.
Christ Now: OK, let’s get started. Help us understand the core issue of our conversations. Precisely, what IS a full-blown “Christ Awakening”—and why should we want to see God pour it out on our generation?
David: You’ve started us off with the right issue. I usually define a “Christ Awakening” in three ways. People are free to choose the one they like best—or put them all together!
Christ Now: Here’s a guess! Sometimes, you use the phrase that it is like “meeting Jesus again as if it were for the first time.” However, when a Christian first hears that invitation, they’re probably thinking: Do I really need to meet Jesus again?
But, of course, what you mean is this: When we begin to wake up to a richer, wider, more compelling vision of who Jesus is right now—the way Paul knew him and as the early Church experienced him—we engage with our Savior in unexpectedly fresh and liberating encounters that can feel as if, time after time after time, we are being reintroduced to Jesus over and over again. Right?
David: Yes. In fact, that little phrase provides a great segway to the first of my three official definitions of a Christ Awakening:
A Christ Awakening is when God’s Spirit uses God’s Word to reintroduce God’s people to God’s Son for ALL he is today.”
Christ Now: “For ALL he is today”—that sounds intriguing! To be “reintroduced” to Jesus suggests something fairly life-changing for a believer. Even revolutionary. So, what are the other two definitions?
David: Number two:
A Christ Awakening is when the whole Church across the whole nation becomes wholly alive to the whole vision of the whole Christ.”
Of course, this experience of becoming “wholly alive” can happen to a single congregation or just an individual. However, my greatest longing and prayer is for what we here at CHRIST NOW call an “American CHRIST Awakening.” So, that’s why I include both phrases, “whole Church” and “across the whole nation.” When it comes to Christians becoming “wholly alive” to the “whole vision of the whole Christ,” what is most needed is for this awakening to be so pervasive that it encompasses God’s people in every part of our land. That’s the great hope for America at this critical moment.
Christ Now: Clearly, in this definition, the word “whole”—entirely, to the fullest extent possible—is the key! You’re raising the idea of a vision and an experience of the supremacy of Christ that is expansive, but even so, keeps on expanding as we become increasingly aware of how great and glorious our Lord Jesus is, as well as all we are and have because we are alive in him.
David: That’s right. Everything else—in our daily living, worship, discipleship, Christian community, ministry, missions, and efforts at justice and cultural reform—will always flow from and reflect the extent of our vision of the Lord Jesus Christ as our risen, reigning, Redeemer. We see that right now, he is active, decisive, triumphant, and, yes, revolutionary as he advances his Kingdom purposes in our generation.
Christ Now: So, what’s your third definition?
David: This one rises out of my work with some early stages of a Christ Awakening right here in New York City—such as Movement Day, Jesus Week, and the Pastors’ Prayer Summits.
Leaders here often use the word “saturate” when talking about what an awakening involves. One day, this inspired this new definition:
A Christ Awakening is when any church (or the whole Church) becomes so saturated with the person, purposes, and presence of Christ in his saving supremacy that its members begin to saturate their communities with a message and a ministry that manifests to the world who Christ is in the power of the Spirit.
Christ Now: Thus, we can assume from these three definitions that to speak of an “impending Christ Awakening—destined to spread nationwide beginning in 2024—is to declare that such a move of God’s Spirit is at hand, and when it comes, it will be historic! It will redefine, reconstitute, and rejuvenate America’s spiritual, moral, and even political landscape for the cause of Christ. It WILL be revolutionary! Correct?
David Bryant: Precisely. That’s why we’re titling these ongoing blog post discussions “The 5:14 Conversations.” We’re exploring this vision together because we know the deepest need and the greatest hope for this hour is, first of all, for the Body of Christ from coast to coast to:
Awake from your slumbering on Jesus.
Rise up to live in his resurrection power.
Then watch him shine on you and through you
to revolutionize your generation like he never has before now.
(my paraphrase of Ephesians 5:14)
The fulfillment of that one promise alone, with all its unstoppable potential, is all we need today. Therefore, as we talk together in this series, we will unpack all that this passage implies for each of us—as together we battle this year for the destiny of the American Church and, in turn, for the fate of our nation.
Christ Now: We’re looking forward to picking up here in our intriguing discussion next time!
“The 5:14 Conversations” will continue—
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Over the past 50 years, David Bryant has been defined by many as a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer” to the Church throughout the world. Formerly a minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI), and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, David now provides leadership to ChristNow.com and Proclaim Hope!, whose mission is to foster and serve Christ Awakening movements. Download his widely read ebooks at ChristNow.com. Enjoy hundreds of podcast episodes. Watch his weekly vlogs at David Bryant REPORTS. Meet with David through Zoom or in-person events through David Bryant LIVE!


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