This Is the Most Significant Ministry You Could Ever Have for Jesus

This Is the Most Significant Ministry You Could Ever Have for Jesus

David Bryant

How often do you get discouraged in your Christian walk?  What about those moments when you seriously doubt that you’re making much of a difference for God’s kingdom? Have you asked yourself recently if there is a better way for you to serve Jesus?
I’ve been there many times myself—especially during the early years of my new life in Christ. But it all changed for me one night. Let me tell you what turned me around—what can give you, too, a whole new excitement about following God’s Son.
The moment this happened remains quite vivid in my memory.  Even though I was involved for years in Christian campus outreach with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, I had become restless for some time. I looked at other Christians who seemed to be far more productive spiritually. There was a big world to reach, but my efforts at ministry felt too insignificant.
One night during this existential crisis, I was awakened with a jolt around 2 AM. My mind was flooding with despair. So, I slipped out of bed and went to the living room. Kneeling by the couch in the dark, I poured out my soul in prayer. In that moment—there’s no doubt in my mind—I “heard” the Father speak to me these few life-changing words:

“David, get them to my Son.
Just get them to my Son,
and I will take them from there!”

I knew immediately what the Spirit had revealed to me—and this insight is really for ALL of us who belong to Christ:
The most strategic contribution I can ever make toward advancing God’s kingdom is to actively share the person and wonders of Christ with other believers.
For you see, the more we help another believer gain a larger vision of the greatness of our Savior, the more “raw material” the Father can draw on to bring them into the fullness of his power and purposes for them in Christ Jesus.
I’ve often told my audiences: There’s no limit to where the Holy Spirit can take any of us IF we become more and more focused on Jesus as Lord.
That means when I share with other believers all that I’m discovering about God’s Son in my own walk with him, I am “reproducing” myself in them and thus multiplying the “labor force” for spreading the gospel.
Of course, this isn’t all I can or should be doing. But it is the top priority for every believer, every day, with every member of God’s family. As Paul puts it in Colossians 3:16, “Let the message about Christ saturate all of you by how you teach and encourage one another.”

“Get them to my Son.
Just get them to my Son,
and I will take them from there!”

Jesus promised, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all people to myself.” Building on that verse, I promise you:

You can be absolutely certain that every time you help another believer see more of the glories of Christ, the Holy Spirit will EXPLOIT that opportunity to take them deeper and farther in their commitment to Christ.
Guaranteed! This way of life will make each of your days count significantly for God’s glory, both for now and for eternity—every time!

About the Author

Over the past 50 years, David Bryant has been defined by many as a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer” to the Church throughout the world. Formerly a minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI), and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee. David now provides leadership to and Proclaim Hope!, whose mission is to foster and serve Christ Awakening movements. Order his widely read books at Enjoy his regular CHRIST TODAY Podcast.


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