The Thing That’s Different This Thanksgiving

When we gather around the Thanksgiving table, we may share what we’re thankful for: family, friends, health, work, God, for example. My family usually does this. Do you?

But this year, my family is doing something different.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “[Jesus’] name is not so much written as ploughed into the history of the world.”

We’re doing something different this year because Jesus has ploughed into our lives with overpowering grace, irresistible love, prevailing wisdom, and beautiful majesty. He has revealed himself to be much more than we had made of him.

So to do what we’ve always done falls short, like collecting sand when you could be collecting stars.

Here’s what will be different.

Instead of sharing our gratitude for general blessings, we’ll narrow the focus: What about Jesus are you thankful for?

This shines the light on Jesus the person—not what Jesus has done, not what Jesus is currently doing, and not what Jesus has promised to do, but rather who Jesus is right now.

To put it another way, what qualities of Jesus are you thankful for? What is it about who Jesus is that makes you glad?

Imagine this happening at Thanksgiving tables all over. People not only fat and full of turkey and stuffing, but also fat and full with the person of Jesus. They pass the cranberry sauce, but pass a compliment about Jesus as well. And as they do, they expand each other’s view of Jesus so that Jesus becomes bigger for each other. Jesus ploughs all around the table.

Now this would really be a feast and it would really be fellowship, tasting Jesus and sharing him and getting full together. The only regret would be not eating more of Jesus. This can happen at your Thanksgiving table.

Happy Thanksgiving and praise the name of Jesus!

PS: If you’re having trouble, here are 365 names of Jesus to help you get started.



Chris Heinz is the Founder and CEO of Munyay, which creates coaching solutions to help you love your life and work. He’s also the Vice President of Human Resources for EnergyCAP, Inc. and is an ICF Certified Coach and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Chris enjoys coaching people, writing, and speaking on the topics of engagement, coaching, strengths, prayer, and the Christian life. He’s the author of the Made to Pray book and prayer assessment. Chris lives with his wife and three children in central Pennsylvania, where they play at their cabin-on-a-creek.

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  1. Lillian Clark 5 years ago

    What a blessing! I just discovered this literary nugget! Thank you for helping us exalt Christ as our Preeminent One during our next Thanksgiving dinner because He is indeed the true Bread of Life that the world is hungering for day by day at every mealtime. “Jesus is what Thanksgiving Day means to me” is the title of my recent blog. Thank you.

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