The Ascended Life

Thriving in a World Under the Reign of Christ Today
Episodes 588-622

Not only did our Lord Jesus Christ live a perfect life, die on the cross as the atoning sacrifice for the sin of the world, and rise again from the dead, he also ascended to the throne of the universe to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords!

So what? What does that mean for you and me? It means a whole lot if you are slogging through life, trying to do your best to live for Jesus but feeling powerless, directionless, and aimless—thinking there has to be more to this Christian walk than attending church, reading the Bible, and praying while you wait for the Lord to return one day!

There is! The King is calling all who belong to him to “taste and see,” to join him in every facet of his kingship right now! Yes, right now, our Savior invites you and me to live and walk in the richness of his very own risen, victorious, dynamic, transforming, purposeful dominion.

In other words, the Ascended One wants you to experience the “ascended life.

Therefore, welcome to this extended series of the Daily CHRIST TODAY Podcast:


Thriving in a World 
Under the Reign of Christ Today

In these episodes, David Bryant will help you explore the full extent of the authority of Christ over our world—the world you must face every single day. Even more, you’ll learn how our Savior’s ongoing reign infuses, enlivens, reshapes, and empowers all who are united with him by his great salvation. 

The series will help you grasp how the fullness of his ascended life can become yours as well—allowing you to thrive in serving his kingdom purposes among the nations over which he rules in grace and power.

Get ready to discover fresh possibilities for you in Christ. Listen daily to unpack a much larger vision of the Christian life than most have ever known and uncover rich promises for thriving right now in your life in Christ.

Jesus has CONQUERED all of Satan’s minions. Now, let him FILL your life with the RESULTS!

Jesus dealt with Satan in his EARTHLY MINISTRY the SAME WAY he will for you today!

Because Jesus ENGAGES the powers of evil, we are promised DAILY VICTORY in him!

SHARING in Jesus’ ascended life, we can enter boldly into the COSMIC BATTLEFIELD!

Jesus reigns over all HUMAN DIMENSIONS—and over EVERY ASPECT of the ascended life!

Jesus shapes the DESTINY of earth’s peoples—more so for ALL who share in his ascended life!

Rulers must SERVE Jesus as the ascended Lord. Sharing in his ascended life, SO MUST WE!

Are you “POLITICAL”? If you declare that “JESUS IS LORD,” you most certainly are!

We THRIVE in Christ because his GOAL for our lives is TIED INTO his goal for HISTORY!

Jesus’ reign is FULFILLED in the New Testament: Now it’s being fulfilled IN YOU every day.

Jesus’ reign is FORESHADOWED in the Old Testament. Now it’s become YOUR REALITY daily!

Here’s a way to help your church experience a powerful “ASCENSION CELEBRATION” service.

REVOLUTIONIZE your life in Christ. Practice these “7 ASCENSION HABITS” every day.

The Spirit has come to give you INTIMACY with Christ in his SUPREMACY. Let him do it!

Let God FILL you with the Holy Spirit! He’s the “EXTENSION of the ascension.”

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