"Take Me Into More of Christ!"

For those who long to go deeper and further
in their relationship with God's Son

Episodes 518 onwards

This series is for you IF…

 …you’ve been unknowingly robbed of a larger, more dynamic vision of our reigning Redeemer and all he is today.

…you’re hungry for more of Christ in your life—but you don’t know exactly where to turn to fill that hunger.

…you realize that the spiritual restlessness inside you is all about your eagerness to go deeper in your relationship with God’s Son.

…you long to discover the rich experiences with your Lord and Savior you expected to enjoy when you first gave your life to him—but so far have failed to find.

Caught & Conquered—into a life flourishing in the fullness of Christ today

Caught & Conquered—toward a future forever ablaze with the glory of God

Caught & Conquered—by a love that knows no limits and boasts no end

Caught & Conquered—through a sacrifice able to deliver a whole universe

Let PAUL take you into MORE of Christ: #2—by his UNBREAKABLE RECONNECTION 

Encounter MORE of Christ by SINGING: “Behold the Glories of the Lamb!"

Encounter MORE of Christ by SINGING: “Rejoice, the Lord Is King! Triumph!”

Encounter MORE of Christ by SINGING: “Jesus Is God! Let Sorrows Come!”

Encounter MORE of Christ by SINGING: “Heart of Christ My King, I Greet Thee!”

Encounter MORE of Christ by SINGING: “How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds!”

Do you want to know Christ BETTER? Then JOIN him in his most powerful PRAYER!

We hear reports of a revival. But is it the real thing? Where is JESUS?

The repentance that’s MISSING: Without it, we CAN’T go deeper with Jesus!

First, JESUS is God’s “signet ring.” Then, YOU become Jesus’ “signet ring”!

HE gets us! We get HIM! He gets US!—three essentials for knowing Jesus FULLY 

How to PRAY every dimension of Jesus’ EARTHLY MINISTRY into your daily life

“PLUNDER”—It’s a whole NEW way to think about JESUS as well as YOURSELF.

DO you FEAR greater intimacy with Christ in his supremacy? FEAR NO MORE!

There’s MUCH MORE of Christ for you—standing right IN FRONT of you!

Life’s MOST thrilling trek: Through Christ’s CENTRALITY into his SUPREMACY!

Jesus is SEATED and SUPREME: This puts the “WOW” into your life—FOREVER!

Here’s one form of “predestination” we ALL can agree on: THE ROYAL DECREE!

Are you WEARING your “King Jesus glasses”? If NOT, get fitted RIGHT NOW!

What’s the MOST important thing to KNOW about you? Where Jesus fits in!

NEW SERIES: Is your vision of Jesus BIG ENOUGH? Jesus’ ascension tells me NO!

NEW SERIES: What WORDS define your walk with Jesus? How about STUPEFIED?

NEW SERIES: Did you hear that SONIC BOOM? It’s Jesus SPEAKING to you!

NEW SERIES: What if your relationship to Jesus became like NIAGARA FALLS?

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