On the King’s Team

How the reigning Christ works AMONG us to triumph IN us and THROUGH us
Episodes 623 onwards

Just as a gifted, seasoned coach can turn a mediocre group of athletes into a championship club, Jesus does the same for his followers—infinitely more so!

The Bible gives many metaphors for the Church: It is like a human body (1 Corinthians 12) with its many different parts and purposes or like “living stones” being built by Christ, the Cornerstone, into a “spiritual house” (1 Peter 2). It is called God’s field (1 Corinthians 3:9).

But a more contemporary metaphor that dynamically captures what it means for Christians to be united to Jesus—and to each other in him—is a SPORTS TEAM.

Are you on the King’s team?
Then this series is for you!

The big difference is that Jesus is not just our coach. He comes among us as our KING to set up his throne in our midst in order to “play HIS game” in us and through us, up close and personal. He claims us for the KING’S TEAM.

We always win playing on the King’s team! Our personal walk with Jesus as Lord gets powerfully transformed because of this profound fact:

What happens with the whole team—
our triumphs or losses together as the Body of Christ—
directly impacts every individual player on the team.

In this series, David Bryant shares winning secrets with players on the King’s team. Join him to discover how to experience a proactive involvement with King Jesus on his team right now—in a “game” with eternal repercussions!

United we expand: God PROMISES that Jesus will work through us WITHOUT LIMITS!

United we expand: How a ROBUST Christology TRANSFORMS our mission strategy and practice

United we expand: Why our mission to the world requires ENLARGING each other’s vision of Jesus

United we expand: How Christians working together become an EXTENSION of his ASCENSION

United we expand: The TRAJECTORY of Christ’s ministry through those among whom he reigns

5. A WINNING team respects, follows, credits their coach. Join me in CHEERING for him!

4. Jesus inspires his team to SHARE their victories with the WHOLE WORLD. Will YOU?

3. As COACH, Jesus requires players to take him as SERIOUSLY as he takes himself. Do YOU?

2. Jesus must keep ADDING NEW PLAYERS to his team—but he always has a place for YOU.

1. Jesus must create COORDINATED UNITY among his players—which makes YOUR role more vital!

The Spirit TRANSFORMS every King’s team into his temple, his body, his bride. (Part 2)

The Spirit TRANSFORMS every King’s team into his temple, his body, his bride. (Part 1)

The Spirit ENSURES that every team is not only WHOLLY ready but also “HOLY” ready to play.

The Spirit ENERGIZES every team with an unlimited FULLNESS OF LIFE from the King.

The Spirit brings ALL of Jesus to ALL his teams, in ALL places, ALL at once, ALL the time!

King Jesus is RESIDING and PRESIDING within and among us NOW. Is that YOUR reality?

Within & Among: The GREATEST BLESSING for everyone in God’s Kingdom—now and forever

Within & Among: The HALLMARK of Jesus’ earthly ministry—even more so today!

Within & Among: The ULTIMATE GOAL for us through the invasion of the incarnation

Here’s how Jesus calls “TIME OUT” to RESTORE his team and get us BACK IN the game.

NO TRAVEL needed to get to training camp. Jesus pulls his team together right ON THE SPOT!

Every King’s team plays in the ARENA of Kingdom endeavors—before BILLIONS!

Here’s the KEY to VICTORY for any King’s team. But YOUR INVOLVEMENT is required!

What are ways you should EXPECT Jesus to make every member of his team feel SPECIAL?

Jesus manifests his REIGNING PRESENCE to every member of his team—including YOU!

Is your church REALLY on the King’s team? What does Jesus REALLY think about this?

Jesus isn’t PASSIVE about his game plan. He’s PROACTIVE—especially with his team!

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