The Daily CHRIST TODAY Podcast

with David Bryant

Here’s a fresh, new way to seize the day—especially when we’re faced with…

Global upheavals. National discord. Political turmoil.
Religious scandals. Moral confusion. Economic insecurity. Multiple pandemics. Children at risk. Increasing violence. Racial tensions. Climate crises. Evil abounding. Spiritual apathy. Fears about the future.

Where is JESUS in all of this? Is he still on the throne of the universe?

And how can I know him much better, grow in him more
deeply, and live for him more triumphantly as Lord of my life?

Good news! Hope-filled answers are here! Take 15 minutes each weekday to join David Bryant as he shares fresh perspectives on the reign of Christ in our nation and in our lives.

David draws on the wisdom he’s mined from Scripture during his 50-year
global ministry—as well as insights gained from walking with God’s Son day by

  • LEARN more about who Jesus really is today
  • EXPERIENCE him more deeply as Lord of all, and
  • LIVE for him more triumphantly in times like these!

Get ready. Get set. GO!

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