Christ Awakening Servant Teams

The GOAL of a Christ Awakening Servant Team is to connect Christians more fully to the person of Christby increasing their conversations about the supremacy of Christ

What Are Christ Awakening Servant Teams (CAST)?

A CAST exists to foster “Christ Awakenings” among the Christians and in the churches and Christian groups where they live.

A CAST is a band of disciples (three or more) who desire to explore more about Christ, experience more of Christ, and become more for Christ–but to do so together.

At the same time, those in a CAST want to work together to encourage other believers focus more on Christ and become more alive to Christ.

Tactfully and lovingly, therefore, CAST members help each other fulfill a mission of speaking to fellow Christians about the glory and greatness of God’s Son, making as much of him as possible in every day conversations.

Depending on the Holy Spirit, they seek to spread a Christ Awakening movement wherever they can.

They do so convinced of the promises of Romans 10:17: “Faith in Christ comes from hearing when what is heard is the message about Christ.” And, of Colossians 3:16: “The message of Christ will dwell in you richly when you teach and admonish once another.”

Next Steps

If you’re interested in learning more about Christ Awakening Servant Teams, please download this guide. If you have questions about forming a Christ Awakening Servant Team, please contact us.

To watch a teaching on Christ Awakening Servant Teams, take a look at the final 20 minutes of Session 9 of The Christ Institutes Video Series, also posted as video session 9:4.

Christ Awakening Servant Teams can play even larger roles. This happens when they link-up with other CAST’s across the country by: (1) signing up as members of the Christ Awakening Now (CAN) Facebook community; (2) getting more involved together in the Nationwide Campaign for an American CHRIST Awakening.

Key Characteristics

Christ Awakening Servant Teams are thoroughly biblical. Members seek to get more of God’s truth about God’s Son into regular conversations with God’s people. They pass along fresh insights and promises from the multitude of Scriptures about the majesty and supremacy of the Savior. These exchanges allow God’s Spirit to connect (or re-connect) believers more fully to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This ministry is something anyone can take up. In very simple and practical ways, team members use ordinary opportunities for regular communications—whether one-on-one or in small group discussions, in emails or phone calls—to help remind other disciples of the wonders of who Christ is right now. Any believer seeking to know Christ better and desiring to talk with other believers about fresh discoveries of who he is automatically qualifies for the team!

Christ Awakening Servant Teams have one primary short-range goal: To share God’s Word with God’s people in such a way that fellow believers walk away from individual conversations or group Bible discussions (or any other times of communication) with: (1) a little bit larger vision of Christ, and (2) greater reasons to put their hope in him.

Christ Awakening Servant Teams have one primary longer-range goal: To multiply themselves through a growing number of believers who follow their example by telling others about the greatness of Christ. The team models how all Christians can carry on Christ-focused, Christ-exalting conversations and discussions as a way of life.

Christ Awakening Servant Teams are “pro-Christ” and not “anti” anything. The team member’s role does not involve critiquing the spiritual vitality of their congregation or its leaders. They minister as servants to the Body of Christ. Their desire is to encourage fellow believers toward a more wholehearted devotion to God’s Son for ALL he is. They do this simply by how they humbly, sensitively weave the “truth that is in Jesus” (Eph. 4:20-21) into regular conversations.

Christ Awakening Servant Teams complement the ministry of church leaders. They nurture a “climate of Christ” among church members, which provides many opportunities for believers to open their hearts to a greater devotion toward Christ. This is what their leaders long for them to discover. By multiplying conversations and discussions about the fullness of God’s Son, teams provide reinforcements to their pastors as they shepherd God’s people into fuller dimensions of Christ’s reign.

Christ Awakening Servant Teams work as a team. They support each other in a shared ministry–as they pray for each other, hold each other accountable to their calling, and report to each other the ways they see God connect his children more fully to Christ by increased conversations about Christ. Sometimes they meet to strategize ways to increase effective, winsome, conversations focused on the supremacy of God’s Son. Also, they regularly convene to pray for the seeds they are planting—to pray for a Christ-awakening movement within their congregation and beyond.

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