Video Clips About Christ

Short video clips to refresh your walk with him.

There are many books available filled with brief meditations, each designed to refresh its readers daily.

In a similar way, the overriding goal of these short video clips is to “refresh” you with more of the wonders of God’s Son. They explore aspects of our Savior and reigning King, some of which you may not have considered before. In only a minute or two, one clip can help you know him better and want to pursue more of who he is TODAY.

Be renewed with Jesus’ awesomeness! As the Psalmist urges us, “Taste and see that the Lord [Jesus] is good. Blessed [refreshed] is everyone who takes refuge in him” (Psalm 34). Enjoy!

Why Religious Leaders Crucified Jesus

The Church Is Like a Hypodermic Needle??

Prisoners of Hope

The Plane Has Finally Landed

The Final Coming

March for Jesus

What if Jesus Had Not Ascended?

See More. Seek More. Speak More.

A Christ Awakening—Is It Coming Soon?

Priceless Privilege

Miracles in Prison!

What Happens in a Christ Awakening?

The Most Powerful Statement on the Supremacy of Christ

The Intimacy of the Trinity

An Urgent Appeal: Awake! Adore! Arise!

The Dark Prospects

You Have a Place in God’s Plan for Jesus!

Jesus Is OVER the Church

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