A series of books popular today began with “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” now with 500 million copies sold worldwide. Filled with brief meditations, its purpose is to refresh its readers daily.

In a similar way, the overriding goal of these short video clips called “Samplings of Christ for Your Soul” is to share insights on the wonders of God’s Son that also restore you—but on a much deeper level than Chicken Soup even attempts to do.

These exceptional clips focus on uplifting topics, such as the reign of Christ,  the love of Christ, and the power and victories of Christ. Many encourage more intimacy with Christ. Scroll down and take a look for yourself.

Each one is designed to let you sample some facet of the greatness and glory and purposes and promises and presence of God’s dear Son—thereby refreshing you with more of Christ.

Come, spend a few moments feasting on a larger vision of the King of heaven and on greater reasons to put your hope in him today.

As the Psalmist urges us, let’s “taste and see that the Lord [Jesus] is good. Blessed are all who take refuge in him” (Psalm 38). Enjoy!

NOTE: We add clips to this collection every month. Be sure to check back often. And then share them with friends.

Destined to Be Stupefied With Jesus!

Are you ready? Have you prepared for Christ’s renewing love

The voice of Jesus is unforgettable! | The Voice that Roars

Christ’s Majesty! | Not Enough Words

Jesus: Meet Him Again!

Jesus Ascended!

Celebrating the Inaugurating!

Salvation and Power Are Established!

Is it time for an Eye Exam?

O Come, Let Us Adore Him!

Truly Human!

Explore More of Christ’s Exciting Reign!

How do you see Jesus? | What is a Christ Awakening?



Jesus, Seated and Supreme!

Why Religious Leaders Crucified Jesus!

We need an Ascension Reformation!

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