Video Testimonies of Personal Christ Awakenings

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
(1 Corinthians 15:57)

People from all walks of life are experiencing Christ Awakenings. Jesus is expanding our view of him and he is filling our lives with more of himself. Watch these video testimonies and be inspired by what Christ is doing. Your Christ Awakening story could be next.

Dr. Dick Eastman

International President, Every Home for Christ

“You can’t hide your walk with Christ from Christ.” (08:29)

Chris Heinz

“I was either going to follow Jesus or walk away from my marriage.” (08:40)

Blonda Poindexter

Jessica Lutz

Wife and Mother

Dr. Jerry Kirk

Founder, PureHOPE

“In the crucible of chronic illness, I have gotten to know Christ in a deeper way, and experienced a special kind of fellowship with him.” (13:01)

Steve Lutz

Allan Scott

Christian Recording Artist

Rev. Gary Frost

National Facilitator, The Mission America Coalition

“When King Jesus came to reign in my life, I swept all my New Age idols off the table, because he is King.” (08:28)

Jo Ann Foley-DeFiore

“The grace of Jesus has given me a perspective I wouldn’t have.” (07:44)

Demaine Kitchen

Rev. Dave Butts

Chairman, America’s National Prayer Committee

Nancy Wilson

Global Ambassador, Cru campus ministries

“After 35 years of being a Christian, I feel like I barely know Jesus at all.” (07:39)

Laura Booz

Steve Hall

Regional Director for International Renewal Ministries

Peyton Booth

High School Student, Texas

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to be there, on the cancer floor, but I experienced the love of Christ.” (12:01)

Chris Grella

“Jesus is a warrior who battles his enemies to the sound of praise.” (08:47)

Chizuruoke Anderson

Dr. Richard Ross

Youth Ministry Professor, Southwestern Seminary

“Even though I couldn’t feel him, Jesus knew my secrets and pain.” (12:30)

Lynn Hensel

Eunye Kathy Kim

Founder and President, 4Generations Now

“The church is shallow because we don’t understand the nature of God revealed through Jesus.” (08:43)

Rusty Wills

“When the doctor told me I had leukemia, I was surprisingly calm because of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.” (10:46)

Yuhui Zhou

Dr. Larry Akins

Supervisor of Chaplaincy Services, East Jersey State Prison

“I spend my days with people who are forgotten, but Jesus wants to have a relationship with them.” (10:03)

Kendra Gettig

Dr. Paul Cedar

CEO, The Mission America Coalition

“I wanted more and more of Jesus, and Christ taught me how to walk in the steadfast of his love.” (09:53)

Mike Alles

Audience questions for Steve Lutz, Laura Booz, and Jo Ann Foley-Defiore (State College, PA) (13:33)

From a CHRIST TALKS Event, Session 1 Q&A

Chris Vorhees

Student, Princeton Theological Seminary

Dr. Nathaniel Thompson, Jr.

Associate Pastor, Open Door Church

Audience questions for Lynn Hensel, Chris Heinz, and Chizuruoke Anderson (State College, PA) (20:14)

From a CHRIST TALKS Event, Session 2 Q&A

Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Senior Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago, IL

Audience questions for Mike Alles, Yuhui (Millie) Zhou, Kendra Gettig, and Chris Grella (State College, PA) (13:26)

From a CHRIST TALKS Event, Session 3 Q&A

K. Marshall Williams, Sr.

Senior Pastor, Nazarene Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA

John Beckett

Chairman, the Beckett Companies

Andrew Chamberlin

“Elevate Jesus because that’s where we’ll see change happen.”

Dr. Doug Shaw

President/CEO of International Students, Inc.

Chief Marketing Officer, EnergyCAP, Inc. (03:02)

Chris Heinz

Woman - Your story could be next!

Your story could be next!

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