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“Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.” – John 1:16

At the opening of his Gospel, the apostle John remarks that out of Jesus’ fullness we receive an overwhelming abundance of God’s gifts to us.

Even so, here at the DOWNLOADS section of we will be sharing with you resources raised up across the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit to help this generation of God’s people to experience more and more of Christ’s fullness.

This will become a treasure trove of proven tools, designed by Jesus followers, created with excellence, and focused on increasing our vision of the glory and greatness of Christ.

And what’s more…. it is all FREE to you!

Keep coming back to this link. Because we will keep adding to it as new resources are sent to us.

Maybe you would like to nominate a resource we should consider.

Selections appear on because of the biblical accuracy of their focus on the person of God’s Son. Inclusion on our website should not be construed as endorsing the broader ministries from which the resources were drawn. “The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached…“ (Philippians 1:16).

Study Guides & Helps

Like a travel guidebook can help you get the most out of a tour of the Rocky Mountains, even so the Bible is absolutely essential for anyone wanting to explore the height and wonders of Christ’s supremacy right now. As he said, the whole Bible “testifies of me” (John 5).

Below are some documents to help you see what Scripture shows us of God’s Son. At the same time, they can equip you to do the same thing for others in your church or small group.

Or use these resources to enrich your own devotional times with Christ.

More will be added soon. Do you have a document or study guide to recommend for us to list here in the future?

40 Days of Feasting on the Names of Christ
Feed your spirit with the nourishment it craves.

The Christ Institutes Participant Guide
Additional Materials for the TCI Video Training Series

24 Radical Prayers for a Christ Awakening
Passionate Cries from the Hearts of Christian Leaders

Psalm 119 “The Fulfilled Version”
Shows Christ as the “fulfillment” of the Law in Psalm 119

Scriptures About Christ…Now
How Christ is Foreshadowed in OT and Fulfilled in NT

Christ Alone Study Guide
This study guide was developed as a small group experience.

Christ Talks Facilitator’s Guide
A live event incorporating eight-minute speeches about the supreme Christ

CHRISTFest Slides
PowerPoint slides to host a CHRISTfest program

CHRISTFest Souvenir Program
Event outline with texts for further study, reflection, and prayer

CHRISTFest Leader’s Manual
Guide for leading a CHRISTFest event

CHRISTFest Program Script
Readings for leading a CHRISTFest event

First Place Love, Session 1
Intro and Quest for a Christ Awakening

First Place Love, Session 2
Christ in Eternity Past and at Creation

First Place Love, Session 3
Christ Foreshadowed in the Old Testament

First Place Love, Session 4
Christ’s Birth and His Ministry on the Earth

First Place Love, Session 5
Sin, Jesus, God’s Love, and the Cross

First Place Love, Session 6
Glory of Christ in the Resurrection

First Place Love, Session 7
Ascension and Exaltation of Christ

First Place Love, Session 8
Reign and Authority of Jesus the King

First Place Love, Session 9
New Covenant of Grace in Christ

First Place Love, Session 10
Christ in Me; Me in Christ

First Place Love, Session 11
Christ Is Head of his Bride, the Church

First Place Love, Session 12
Eschatology (The Second Coming of Christ)

First Place Love, All Sessions Combined
Christ Awakening thru the Second Coming

Bible Verse Tiles

If you were to highlight every verse in the Bible that enlarges our vision of God’s Son and help us to adore him and serve him for ALL he is today, the number would be in the thousands!

Here are a few verses to get started.

Be sure to pass these verses along to others in all kinds of ways. For example, click on “facebook” below each tile for a verse sized for a Facebook cover or on “pinterest” for a verse perfect for Pinterest. Simply save to your computer, then upload to share the verse with others. You can turn your social network into a ministry network.


On a separate page, presents you with an array of excellent books on the greatness and glory of God's Son, most of which you can order through Amazon.

But in addition we want to offer books available for free download as eBooks.

Below is a handful to get you started. More will be added soon.

If you know of any eBooks on the person of Christ that could be offered freely to enable other believers to know him more fully, recommend it to us and we will list it here right away.

Christ Is NOW!
David Bryant

Hope For A Christ Awakening in America…Soon
Exploring a Christ Awakening movement in America

“The Hope at Hand” by David Bryant
National and World Revival for the 21st Century

“Messengers of Hope” by David Bryant
Becoming Agents of a Christ Awakening for the 21st Century

Lordship Passages in Scripture
Biblical Scriptures All Fulfilled in Jesus Christ the Lord

“Christ Is All!” by David Bryant
A Joyful Manifesto on The Supremacy of God’s Son

Kids Daily Christ Reader
45 Devotions for seeking ALL of Christ

PowerPoint Slides for The Christ Institutes

One of the major resources offered by is The Christ Institutes Video Series (TCI). Nothing like this Christ-focused curriculum has existed before.

You may want to work through the video series on your own or by signing up for the 55-day email video journey. The PARTICIPANTS GUIDE shows you how to use the TCI videos to disciple others in your church or small group.

But here we also give you, for free, access to the complete PowerPoint slide packages for each of the nine TCI sessions. You can use these in two ways:

1. Simply to review the teaching of a video after you’ve experienced that particular teaching session or;

2. Re-teach the TCI curriculum on your own using these PowerPoint slides as your “lecture outline” to guide a group through each of the sessions in your own way.

1: The Christ, Crisis, Christ Awakenings

2: Awake to Who Christ Is TO Us

3: Awake to Who Christ Is FOR Us

4: Awake to Who Christ Is OVER Us

5: Awake to Who Christ Is BEFORE Us

6: Awake to Who Christ Is WITHIN Us

7: Awake to Who Christ Is THROUGH Us

8: Awake to Who Christ Is UPON Us

9: Responding to the Spectacular Supremacy of God’s Son

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