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Jesus is…

The Rock in Whom I Take Refuge

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Psalm 94:20-23

Can a corrupt throne be allied with you—
a throne that brings on misery by its decrees?
The wicked band together against the righteous
and condemn the innocent to death.
But the Lord has become my fortress,
and my God the rock in whom I take refuge.
He will repay them for their sins
and destroy them for their wickedness;
the Lord our God will destroy them.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the protection and safety for His people.

Dear Father, I am extremely glad that I and all others who receive Jesus as our Savior have full assurance that He is the Rock in Whom I Take Refuge. I praise Him, the omnipotent Lord of the universe, that He is our unmovable protector, defender and provider. I am very grateful that His immeasurable strength and power are combined with His unconditional grace, compassion and love. I rejoice that no matter how the world around us is in tur-moil, we can put ourselves wholly in His care. I pray too that He will repay those who are determined to bring misery to us. I ask that Your Holy Spirit will reveal much more of the greatness of the Rock in Whom I Take Refuge to believers, and that we will urgently tell many lost people all we know about Him. As I think about the wicked coming against the innocent, my heart especially breaks for the innocent children that desperately need to have refuge in Jesus from wicked influences. I pray that You will draw millions upon millions of children to the Rock in Whom I Take Refuge at this hour in history. Please compel me and unprecedented numbers of believers to be the part in that process that You created us to be. I pray these things in Jesus’ secure name. Amen.

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