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Jesus is…

His (God’s) Firstborn

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Hebrews 1:6

And again, when God brings his firstborn into the world, he says,

“Let all God’s angels worship him.”

The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the most highly valued Person in God’s kingdom.

Dear Father, I again honor the Lord Jesus Christ, His (Your) Firstborn, Your Heir, Your divine Son, the Creator of heaven and earth, including the angels. I rejoice that Your Firstborn is superior to all He has created, and that He sustains all things by His powerful word. He alone is worthy of all praise. As You direct all the angels and all the rulers of the world to worship Your First-born, I worship Him too with all that is within me. I pray that You will continually remind all His followers of the greatness of Your Firstborn, so that we will unite in ceaselessly worshiping, loving, adoring, honoring, glorifying, cherishing, serving and obeying Him. All of these magnificent truths about Jesus cause me to want to express my reverence and affection for Him by singing “Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus” by Louisa Stead: (verse 1)“Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, Just to take Him at His word; Just to rest upon His promise, Just to know, ‘Thus saith the Lord!’ (verse 4) I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee, Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend; And I know that Thou art with me, Wilt be with me to the end. (chorus) Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him! How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er! Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! Oh, for grace to trust Him more!” I pray that You will reveal the preeminence of the Firstborn to vast numbers of people who have never wanted Him to be involved in their lives, so that they will realize how urgently they need Him. I pray all these things in His exalted name. Amen.

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