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And he is the head of the body, the church…so that in everything he might have the supremacy. -Colossians 1:18

Welcome! You’re entering a most marvelous adventure into more of the spectacular supremacy of God’s Son available nowhere else on the World Wide Web.

Here you’ll find a vast variety of opportunities to help you explore and experience more of who Jesus is today.

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Discover God’s glorious Son in whole new ways—like meeting him again for the first time. Do so, for example, as you meditate on Scriptures and famous quotations about the greatness of our Savior, whenever you uncover more truths of all he is through in-depth video and podcast curricula.

And all of it is FREE!

To start unpacking fresh blessings in Christ waiting here for you, simply click onto any of the icons below.

“But with so many options, where do I start?”

Choose one of these NINE possibilities:

  1. Connect with the nationwide Christ Awakening movement through social media here.
  2. Take the 21-Day Journey into a Christ Awakening (video or podcast) here.
  3. Reflect on key “nuggets” taken from the widely acclaimed book Christ Is NOW! here.
  4. Enjoy the eight brief audio sessions of The Christ Is NOW! Podcast Mini-Course here.
  5. Watch some of the 60-second Creative Clips of Christ inspirational videos here.
  6. Download and read the free ebook, Christ: Our Supreme Pathfinder, here.
  7. Enjoy short but challenging testimonies about personal Christ Awakenings here.
  8. Spend time in prayer using Scriptures about the wonders of Christ here.
  9. Join The Nationwide Campaign for an American CHRIST Awakening here.

In addition, we invite you to join CAN (Christ Awakening Now), our Facebook community. Our goal is to work together for Christ Awakenings in our personal lives, our churches, and our nation.

Powerful Christ-focused Resources


WORSHIP VIDEOS Lift up the name of Jesus through a variety of worship videos.


TEACHING VIDEOS ON Christ Awakenings Watch short teaching videos designed to expand your faith in Christ.


VIDEO CLIPS About Christ Watch short video clips to refresh your walk with Jesus.


CHRIST TALKS Watch as everyday Christians share about the riches Christ brings to us.


THE CHRIST INSTITUTES Experience a life-changing journey into more of Christ with this video series.


PODCASTS Listen to this one-of-a-kind audio library you can enjoy anywhere you go.


AUDIO Listen to reflections to help you pray for a nationwide Christ Awakening.


SCRIPTURES Read selected Scriptures that focus on the majestic supremacy of Christ.


ART View artwork about Jesus to admire the matchless Christ.


BOOKS Explore books focused on the supremacy of Christ.


QUOTES Discover what Christian leaders have said about Jesus.


Christ Awakening Testimonies Watch video testimonies about personal Christ Awakenings.


DOWNLOADS Make use of downloadable tools including study guides, e-books, and slide decks.


DEVOTIONSListen to the audio or read the text of daily devotions on the names of Christ.


CHRIST KIDS Help your children know Jesus in the majesty of his spectacular supremacy.


App – Access an extraordinary array of free resources on the go—anytime, anywhere.


CHRIST ZOOM CASTSA gathering place for Christ followers, hosted by David Bryant.

Christ Now
YouTube Videos

Watch free, life-changing videos focused on who Christ is today.


The CHRIST TODAY Podcast Listen to David Bryant sharing insightful truths on who Christ is today.


Christ Is NOW!
Author Nuggets
Download nuggets selected by author David Bryant from his book Christ Is NOW!

BlogRead insightful blog posts on who the living, reigning Jesus Christ is today.


Christ Awakening
Servant Teams (C.A.S.T.)
Connecting Christians more fully to the person of Christ
by increasing their conversations about the supremacy of Christ—
until an awakening to Christ
spills out of our churches to overtake our nation.

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