Similar to the worldwide phenomenon known as TED Talks, Christ Talks creates a context for Christians to come together locally to explore a greater vision and understanding of who our Lord Jesus Christ is right now—and then to act on that vision.
hrist Talks events draw together believers from various streams of the Church within a city or community, allowing Christians to gain fresh insights on God’s Son from one another.

Each Christ Talks presentation enlarges how we see Jesus through a variety of lenses—historical, denominational, generational, ethnic and cultural, occupational, and educational.

Christ Talks presentations incorporate eight-minute speeches by believers from all walks of life. Christ Talks introduce fresh, biblical insights, personalized and contextualized, to enlarge a vision of who the supreme Christ is right now.

Christ Talks events also include audience interaction with the presenters, discussions of the input, with times to respond through worship and prayer.

Would you like to host a Christ Talks event? Read Introducing Christ Talks to learn more.

Recent Christ Talks

Audience questions for Lynn Hensel, Chris Heinz, and Chizuruoke Anderson. Topics: singleness, hearing God's voice, worship, same sex attraction, belittling Jesus, how to redeem dance, spiritual complacency and escapism, marriage, praise as spiritual warfare. (State College, PA)


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