The Nationwide Campaign for an

American CHRIST Awakening


On January 1, 2022, CHRIST NOW launched the initiative that many Christians, Christian alliances, and national leaders have been preparing for the past 20+ years.

The campaign proceeds on two convictions:

FIRST, that the greatest hope of America in this hour is a nationwide Christ Awakening;

SECOND, that in answer to the prayers of millions of Christians the past thirty years, the Holy Spirit is waking up a multitude of Jesus followers to join such a Christ-exalting revolution in America. They are longing for more of Christ; they are longing to be more for Christ.

The campaign launches at one of the most decisive hours our nation has faced. Commentators on the Right and the Left agree: The next two years will determine the long-term trajectory of our nation on many levels for many generations.

Therefore, we need nothing more urgently than a God-given, nationwide awakening to the sovereignty and supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ that transforms our churches and the soul of our nation. And we need to begin right now.

VIEW our video about the campaign.

DOWNLOAD the exciting two-year “Strategic Plan” for the Campaign HERE.

DISCOVER the wonderful promises a Christ Awakening offers by viewing these brief videos.

Our Vision for America

WHY Do We Celebrate the Supremacy of Christ

What is a
Christ Awakening?

How CHRIST NOW serves
the campaign—and you.


Tell us about experiences of a Christ Awakening going on in your own life or with others around you. Share about your own vision for an “American CHRIST Awakening”. Report on campaign developments where you live.

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