There Are Keys You Aren’t Using

This minicourse is a wake-up call for Christians to become wholly alive to the whole vision of the whole Christ in powerful, life-changing ways.


Who Is Christ TO Us Today?

The first key is who Christ is TO us today. This key explores Jesus, the person. It’s like a personality profile—getting to know his personhood. The first key is the beginning of understanding that Jesus is God, so to bow before Jesus is to bow before God. Above everything else, we must first answer this question: Who is Jesus TO us in terms of his personhood?


Who Is Christ FOR Us Today?

When we fully realize the combined power of the incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, our relationship with him changes. After experiencing this lesson, one listener shared, “You know, I have to honestly say I think my image of Jesus, right now, today, is that he is sort of like a cloud, floating around somewhere. I never thought that he is literally, physically sitting somewhere in this universe, and he is ruling and reigning over everything at this very moment. It just totally changes your whole relationship with him when that comes through.”


Who Is Christ OVER Us Today?

The third key explores Jesus being on the throne, ruling and reigning now. What’s he ruling and reigning over, and what difference does that make to you? Imagine there’s a bakery down the street that isn’t doing well. Soon, it goes out of business. But another company that is also a bakery takes it over. The new company puts a sign in the window that says, “Under New Management.” The store takes off for whatever reason, maybe because they bake such great cookies. It’s under new management. When Jesus ascended into the heavens and sat at the right hand of the Father, you could say, in a sense, everything came under new management.


Who Is Christ BEFORE Us Today?

A famous pastor became well known for a phrase that said Jesus is always prior. The fourth key dives into this concept. “Jesus is prior” means that in every aspect of your life Jesus is out ahead of you, always taking the initiative. This episode considers the impact of getting swept up into who he is, where he’s headed, what he’s doing, and how he gains the victory.


Who Is Christ WITHIN Us Today?

He dwells in your life by the Spirit of God. But he also dwells among his people together as the Body of Christ, and that’s a much stronger emphasis in the New Testament. The fifth key evaluates what it is like living in a culture that is so individualistic and so “me-centered.” Our tendency is to read many verses that have “you” as if it means you personally and individually. Most of the time when “you” is used in the New Testament, the Greek word for “you” is plural. It means all of us.


Who Is Christ THROUGH Us Today?

We need to invite him to carry out his reign—not only in the midst of us but also through us to bring his blessings to the nations. The sixth key shows that most of us sell ourselves short in terms of the impact we have for God’s kingdom, but the reason we sell ourselves short, unfortunately, is because we’ve sold Jesus short.


Who Is Christ UPON Us Today?

Jesus’ supremacy is also displayed in how he often comes “upon” his people to enrich, deepen, intensify, accelerate, and extend all he’s already doing in our lives. Sometimes this is called renewal, revival, or awakening. Ultimately, one day he will come “upon” the whole universe in what we call his Second Coming. The first experiences give us “approximations” of the other. In other words, with Jesus there is always “more,” both for us and for him.


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