Special Report: I’ve Seen America’s Future and It’s Filled With the Glory of Christ

Special Report: I’ve Seen America’s Future and It’s Filled With the Glory of Christ

[Editor’s Note: In the past few days David has written a couple of blogs where he reflected on an historic, upcoming national event at the Mall in Washington, DC.  Here is his first hand report on what finally took place and what it means for all of us, and for America. (Photo source: Gospelherald.com)]

A Special Report from Together 2016

First of all, you need to know that during this past Saturday in Washington, DC, we hit a record heat index.

Then, you need to know that the twelve-hour national gathering of young adults from coast to coast that took place at the Mall was forced to close down five hours early because heat exhaustion (and worse) was sending hundreds to first aid tents, causing the National Park Service to “pull the plug” at 4 PM for safety concerns.

Next, you need to know that with a one-hour heads-up at 3 PM, the reshuffled schedule brought us to a dramatic high note (which I’ll tell you about in a moment). This could not have happened ninety minutes later, however, when a fast-moving, menacing lightening storm drenched the Mall—which would have forced an anti-climactic mass, chaotic evacuation.

Finally, you need to know that despite the bludgeoning of an oppressive July heat wave, still hundreds of thousands (some estimate as many as 500,000) stayed and stood—yes, stood—for seven intensive hours filled with praise, prayer, and proclamation focused on the central theme of Together 2016: inviting God’s Son to reset for his glory the direction of our nation beginning with the direction of our lives and our churches.  See more on this at #JesusChangesEverything.

The Washington Post Bears Witness

On Sunday The Washington Post ran an extensive article about the event, including two half-page photos.  Here are a few selections to show how the press viewed what went on:

On a scorching Saturday, young evangelicals flocked to the Mall to “reset” their faith.  Rappers and pastors, spoken-word poets and authors appealed to thousands gathered around the Washington Monument in baking heat to recommit to prayer and hope at a time of intense racial and political polarization and growing secularization. . . Attendees and the lineup were unusually diverse. . . They got on their knees by the thousands appealing to God to end racism. . . [they] thought the day of prayer would do more for racial healing than the presidential election could. . . [Many said they] are really frustrated with the political process and division and hate, and are longing for a leader we can look to and that this is Jesus. . . [Organizer Nick Hall said,] “There are moments when God’s people come together and God does something that can heal, change, define a generation. At the end of the day, there’s only one King [Jesus].”

I’ve Seen America’s Future

I was part of a small prayer team recruited by the event committee to stay close to the stage and pray for those involved as they stepped to the platform. Therefore, I received a special pass that allowed me to roam among the attendees anywhere on the grounds.  This made it possible for me to get a good “read” on what the Holy Spirit was doing as the hours unfolded. My conclusion?

I’ve seen America’s future: It’s filled with a new generation, rising up before our eyes, populated by young men and women who see only, want only, celebrate only, proclaim only, and hope for only the glory of Christ.

The evidence? For one thing, as I mentioned—they stood.  For all those hours. Under a relentless sun. Undeterred. Undiminished. Why?

Because, before they got to the Mall, thousands already were filled that much with passion for Christ, expressed in repentance, in appeals to Heaven, at times on their knees and often with full-throated songs of praise.

Who they are point us to the future of America!


Having attended scores of major evangelical gatherings over the past forty years, both national and international, many of which had significant impact on the advance of the Gospel, I need to say to you what I witnessed on Saturday was exceptional—actually, unprecedented—in one major way:

I noticed how often from the platform the name of Jesus was mentioned; no, rather, declared. . . exalted. . . and then echoed back countless times by the multitude.

In fact, I would estimate throughout the entire seven hours Jesus was referenced by name at least once every three minutes on average (whether in talks or prayers or worship).

Here’s what makes that so amazing to me:

Too often, sadly, I’ve sat in major Christian convocations where one can go for hours without hearing any focus specifically on Jesus.

Too often in our meetings, by all practical measures, we neglect our Mediator through whom all things come and through whom we exist; we temporarily forget our Victor who has defeated death and darkness and the demonic; we act inattentive to our Commander who leads our triumphal procession to the ends of the earth and to the consummation of the ages.

We appear indifferent about our Redeemer whose blood has bought and paid for every Kingdom vision or mission we talk about and live for; in practice we take for granted the Lamb on the Throne to whom belongs all glory and honor and praise along with every passion of our souls; we’re found ignoring our dearest Friend, in whose name and for whose sake we gather to worship and study and strategize for the future.

Somehow, he gets shuffled to the side. We assemble in his name while we emphasize some other thing.

Recently, for example, at a national celebration with hundreds of Bible-believing Christians from all over the nation and from many denominations, we filled up four hours with a dozen different speakers and performers, where Jesus himself was only mentioned twice the entire time. Just twice!

Unfortunately, tragically, too often I’ve found this to be the rule, not the exception.

But—hallelujah!—not so at Together 2016!

Which is why I came away saying to myself:  I’ve encountered America’s ultimate prospects in the faces and voices of hundreds of thousands of young lives gripped singularly with one overriding agenda—the name and reign and fame of Christ.

They’re ready to join together to speak and spread his glory across our land in days and years to come—to do nothing less.

The Ending: Fill Them All!

Let me tell you what happened before our forced dismissal at 4 PM.

In the final minutes a “charge” rang out from the stage which was fully embraced by the crowd.  As one leader put it:  “This event was never about coming to the Mall.  It always was about going out from the Mall, to take Christ to our nation.”

After he said that, up on the jumbotrons large letters appeared with the motto for Together 2016, which was: “FILL THE MALL!” But then as we watched, instantly the “M” slid over to the “E” so that now it read: “FILL THEM ALL!”

Meaning this: We were being commissioned to go forth to fill all of America—every church, every neighborhood, every city, every region, every enclave, every sector of society. . .every life. . . with the glory of Christ!

Standing among them at that moment, I recalled the prophecy of Psalm 110 (the most frequently referenced Old Testament passage by New Testament writers) which says in the NIV (emphasis added):

Sit at my right hand
until I make your enemies
a footstool for your feet.

Your troops will be willing
on your day of battle.
Arrayed in holy splendor,
your young men will come to you
like dew from the morning’s womb.

In other words, ascended to the Father’s right hand and reigning today as King, Christ Jesus presses his redemptive cause preeminently by inspiring new troops of young people to rise up, fresh like the dawn of morning, clothed in his holy majesty, to join in his glorious mission.

And as they do, for their generation their lives and witness increasingly “fills them all”—until one day the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Christ as the waters fill the seas (Hab. 2:14).

So, What is the Very Next Thing Needed?

As we say, once a bike is moving you need to steer it.  Like never before, the Holy Spirit is moving this eager generation of Jesus followers forward.  So now, in their passion for the glory of Christ, above all they need to be steered toward exploring and experiencing for themselves much more of what the glory of Christ is all about—to be fully introduced to God’s Son for ALL he is in his spectacular supremacy.

The hunger for more of Christ is in them already.  Now, the feeding and feasting must begin!

Which is precisely why www.ChristNow.com was created.

It provides a “banquet” of resources that millions can draw on and share in together, all at the same time—and then instantly spread to many others by using all forms of social media with which they’re very familiar.

Let’s pray for the Father to employ ChristNow.com to help equip this new spiritual “army” of Christ’s servants forming across the land.

Conclusion: The Unplanned Grand Finale for Together 2016

To embellish the call to “Fill Them All,” the organizers planned a special fireworks display at 9 PM—as a way to amplify how wondrous our King is.  However, with the heat emergency’s early shutdown and the ensuing thunderstorm, this was not possible.

But suddenly around 9PM, from my vantage point in another part of DC I saw forming in the sky a rainbow—magnificent and vivid.  And then. . . I’m not making this up. . . from where I stood the rainbow’s “pot of gold” seemed to rest at the base of the Washington Monument where a host had assembled only hours earlier.

Not fireworks. Instead, a rainbow.

Think of this: In Scripture the rainbow speaks of God’s promise to redeem and “reset” any generation even in, and especially in, a time of judgment.  To us today it speaks of Christ “in whom all the promises of God are YES to us” (2 Cor. 1).

So then, here’s God’s final word on Together 2016:

Christ himself, in himself, is the future of America!

Maybe in this hour of national crises we need to take some time to look a little closer at that future.


Known as a proclaimer of Christ and Messenger of Hope, David Bryant is the founder and president of Proclaim Hope!, an outreach whose goal is to serve a nationwide Christ Awakening. David is the author of many books, including Christ Is ALL! Join in the Joyful Awakening to the Supremacy of God’s Son. David and Robyne have been serving Christ together for over 40 years. Their most important ministry, however, remains centered on their three adult children and their spouses, and their four grandchildren.

  1. Patricia Webster 8 years ago

    Praise God and Holy Spirit from whom all blessings flow. Thank you Jesus for this awesome and miraculous report of the gathering of those who love Jesus on 16 July 2016 at the Mall in Washington, DC. I know that God will bring about great things from this gathering and the amazing work that the Holy Spirit has begun in thousands of lives. I believe it will spread from coast to coast and around the world. Thank you, Jesus. God bless those who organized and put this event together.

    • Author
      david bryant 8 years ago

      Thank you, Patricia. Keep praying like that — for a saturation of our nation with the glory of Christ.

  2. Ted Adams 8 years ago

    When Christ is lifted up, things happen that are Biblical, Godly, and of the Holy Spirit. Too often theologians and ministers as well as many Christians do not exalt the Lord Jesus. Any person who writes or speaks and does not follow the bible but displays lack of understanding, lack of research, and following dogmas that degrade Christ are not of the Lord. To hear these young people exalt Christ is what I see happening in other areas of the country and the world. No matter what is happening in our nation and the world, the Lord is working to bring about His purpose in Christ Jesus. Anything less is going by the wayside. Praise to the Lord and let us exalt him together.

    • Author
      david bryant 8 years ago

      Ted…Your vision and heart and mine as well. Thank you for encouraging me this way!

  3. Tony 8 years ago

    David, so glad you were there in person and are able to pass on that perspective.

    • Author
      david bryant 8 years ago

      Tony, please join me in praying for the full completion of this wonderful promise for out nation.

  4. Ron 8 years ago

    Excellent news. Yes, Christ is the reason. Let that message be part of ALL worship services. Satan is present in every church – he already has the unbelievers. The churches are suffering from divisions and the author is Satan. We are doing everything humanly possible to entice our younger people, yes, entertainment, make it an “experience” All are built on emotional stimuli – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, but NO JESUS! Europe has already gone through this process. Few young people attend any worship service. WHY? Satan has been very successful in taking the focus off Jesus Christ. Do young parents talk about THEIR faith in front of their children? That starts at age 2 or 3 around the table. We need to repent and get Jesus back in our lives – in the home and the church. God bless

    • Author
      david bryant 8 years ago

      Ron, you hit the nail on the head. May our homes and churches be FILLED with the truth of Christ and the wonders of Christ — which will then bring about the filling of our land with Him.

  5. Heather Roberts 8 years ago

    Great is the glory of The Lord!!

    • Author
      david bryant 8 years ago

      Heather — and His greatness is manifested most fully in our supreme and wonderful and victorious and reigning Redeemer, isn’t it! May HIS name fill our land!

  6. SANDRA TISDALE 8 years ago

    Was an honor an blessing to be a part of this beginning of this next Great Awakening in our nation

    • Author
      david bryant 8 years ago

      Sandra, for sure you and I are part of something much bigger than ourselves. And though it will deepen every facet of our walk with Christ for ourselves it is for the sake of something far beyond our own relationship to Jesus. In fact, it is for more than just the survival of a nation. This coming awakening, which I always refer to as a CHRIST Awakening because it is all about him and a fresh revelation of him and the advancing of HIS kingdom purposes — this awakening is about taking our nation further into its divine destiny (not “manifest destiny” but much more: “divine destiny”) for exalting His Son before all nations through what the Holy Spirit accomplishes in our nation. Especially in light of how “dark’ things may seem at this moment, the CONTRAST between that darkness and the powerful, extraordinary, supernatural reclamation and regeneration of a multitude in America–the re-conversion, in a sense, of millions of Jesus followers back to him for ALL he is — will propel the Gospel among earth’s peoples as never before. This is what I believe lies ahead for us. This is what is beginning. This is what you and I are already part of. David

  7. Salvatore A. Luiso 8 years ago

    Hi David,

    Thank you for this report about 2016, and what you have concluded from what you saw of it.

    It has long seemed to me, from a wider perspective that includes the Scriptures, current events, and the state and direction of American society and the Church in America since the Second World War, that the future of America could accurately be described as “Ichabod”, “the glory is departed”–and not that Christ “*is* the future of America”.

    Despite Together 2016, and the rainbow you saw after it, and despite the many other large-scale Christian events of the past few decades, it still seems that way to me–as David Wilkerson wrote over 30 years ago in the book *Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth*.

    Which is not to say that God is not still working and doing great things in America–just that, with respect to American society and its relation to the Lord Jesus, I see more reason to think that the future will be dim than that bright.


    • Author
      david bryant 8 years ago

      Thank you, my dear friend Salvatore. Of course, a lot can happen in 30 years, can’t it? Our God is not a static God.

      As Isaiah 60:22 says, our God can transform a “small one” into “a great nation” very quickly when it is his time to do so.

      For sure, we both agree, the destiny of our nation will ULTIMATELY come out at the feet of our Lord Jesus for him to dispose of as he chooses — as will the destiny of all nations. So in that sense, the “treasures” of whatever the American experiment is all about eventually, sovereignly will be gathered into the New Jerusalem for the glory of the Lamb (Rev 21).

      The day is coming when the whole earth, in spite of all the darkness and sin all around us, will be filled with the knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Jesus Christ (compare Hab 2:14 with 2 Cor 4:6). Between now and then the Father is so gracious as to give any generation of his people “approximations of the Consummation”. He’s done it before. He’ll do it again. I believe things are already in motion to converge at the right time to give such an approximation to our nation.

      For more on the SEVEN MAJOR REASONS I believe this, read the seven central chapters in my book, THE HOPE AT HAND. A free ebook available at http://www.ProclaimHope.com. David

      • Salvatore A. Luiso 8 years ago

        Hi David,

        Thank you for telling me about your free e-book. I do not have an e-book reader.

        I suggest that somewhere–for example, either in response to this comment or in another article for the blog–you explain what you mean by: “Christ himself, in himself, *is* the future of America!”.

        If by this you are thinking of mass conversions and mass worship of Christ in America–an enormous Christ awakening, larger than any revival the world has ever seen–then I do not agree.

        If by this you mean that one way or another, Christ will have his way with America, and be glorified through it–as the LORD did when He delivered the Israelites from Egypt, and when He destroyed Pharaoh and his army in the sea–then I must agree.

        In that case, whatever the Lord does–whether He blesses America with repentance and salvation, or destroys it with a meteor storm, or something else–He is indeed, in a sense, the future of America.

        “Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.”
        –Amos 4:12

        Lord willing, I will write more in response to this article in an e-mail message for you.

        • Author
          david bryant 8 years ago

          Salvatore, note: you could read THE HOPE AT HAND on your lap top as well if you wanted to go at it that way.

          As to how fully and thoroughly and pervasively (to use the words in my blog title) the “future of America” is the “glory of Christ”, let me say this:

          I would not want (and I’m sure you do not want) to put limits on our sovereign God, either on the depths of his mercy toward this land nor on his power to unleash a marvelous Christ Awakening (totally undeserved by us) upon our land.

          It would begin first of all by how He “saturates” the Church with the fullness and reality of Christ’s supremacy and glory SO THAT through a thoroughly awakened and revived and mobilized Church he unleashes a mighty Kingdom advance in all across America that becomes a nationwide phenomenon unparalleled possibly in Church history. After all, we know He is committed to doing exceeding above all we ask or think by His power at work in us–Eph 3:20-21), as we call on Him to do great and mighty things which we have not yet seen (Jeremiah 33:3).

          So this is no hard thing to imagine when I look at who He is and study His ways.

          What I’m talking about when I talk-up this kind of hopeful vision, Salvatore, is what I call “approximations of the Consummation”, divine interventions that have marked previous eras in Church history (beginning with Pentecost itself). I do not wish to place any limits as to how far our Father is willing to go in His singular purpose of exalting his Son and the salvation we have in him–how nearly he is willing and read to “approximate” within time and space and history the reign of Christ manifested to us right now in ways comparable to how it will be consummated when Jesus returns in glorious victory.

          And my sense is (as I explore in my THE HOPE AT HAND) we have solid reasons in light of who Christ is right now to believe that major breakthroughs for the work of redemption in our generation are on the horizon — what eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor has entered our hearts concerning all the God has prepared TODAY for His people who love him (I Cor 3). Just look at what he did in the city of Ephesus (Acts 19, esp vs. 10). Surely he is able and willing and ready to do it again and again and again.

          Thanks again for writing back. David

  8. Melody R. Mowry 8 years ago

    Jesus Changes “EVERYTHING”!!! At the last minute I thought that I would not be able to go to “TOGETHER 2016”.. As each day got closer I could feel this emptiness inside me…Almost like the air was collapsing my lungs.. I knew I had to go for many….Many reasons.. One: to experience the togetherness of all the ppl being in one place praising the Lord.. I NEEDED to be a part of that! Two: to be able to really reflect on my life & its meaning.. What better place to do that than in D.C. I needed to feel what I felt that day! Three: just to feel that feeling of Jesus flowing thru my blood.. In other words. . I wanted that “FIRE” & not the spark! … I got that “FIRE” I came there to get.. Its still flowing thru my veins.. Thank You!!! to all that made this change happen to thousands of those just like me that walked away with a new heart…a cleansed soul.. And a “RESET” of Life! I Wouldn’t have missed this event for the world… Thank You So Much For Allowing Thousands To Be A Part Of An Amazing Life Changing Event! And to you, David Bryant, for writing such a Beautiful Article about this Amazing Special Day for so many that will be in the heart of thousands until that Wonderful Day when we finally get to meet Jesus! And thank him for the life he has given us! Jesus is the Way..the Light…The Truth! Praise him for his Life..Praise him for his Death! “Holy” is His Name!

    • Author
      david bryant 8 years ago

      Melody….How I love the spirit of hope and joy and faith I sense in you toward our Lord Jesus. I praise him for the FIRE that was ignited in you. Imagine what will happen in our nation when millions of believers come alive to Christ in whole new ways and move out to love him and obey him in new ways because the same fire is burning in them!! Let’s keep praying for that. David

  9. Jessie Greenawald 8 years ago

    What a wonderful Christ filled event for our young adults to be involved in to bring Jesus front and center in their lives where He belongs! Praise God for leading you, and for you listening to His call in organizing events like this. God Bless you and all who brought glory to our Lord and Savior. Blessings, Jessie

  10. Jessie Greenawald 8 years ago

    God Bless all of you answering Gods call to lead such a wonderful event bringing Jesus front and center in our lives where He belongs.
    Gods Grace and Peace be with you all, now and always.
    Blessings, Jessie

  11. Marian DeGram 8 years ago

    Sounds like Father God is raising up His end time army of youth that are passionate for Him as Rick Joiner writes about in his new book “Army of the Dawn”. There is a future and a hope!!

  12. Kathy 8 years ago

    Some trust in horses, and some chariots…i trust in the name of the Lord…Jesus. His faithfulness will continue to all generations!!
    May we go out to others with the good news our Lord reigns!

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