The Always-Free “Christ Cast” Webinar Ministry

The Always-Free “Christ Cast” Webinar Ministry

[Editor’s Note: The Christ Cast promoted in this blog has come and gone, but a recording is available online. We hope you enjoy it:]

The always-free “Christ Cast” webinar series is a new feature of—the first of many exciting interactive ministries being developed for 2016 to further a larger vision of God’s Son among God’s people at every level. Other ministries will include Christ Talks, Christ Kids, and an online interactive community for Messengers of Hope.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. national facilitator, Chris Heinz, will launch our first “Christ Cast” from Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday, January 19 at 7:20-8:00 AM Central Time. And you are invited to attend via the Internet! For free!

Speaking at the Cenergistic National Training Conference, Chris will address the subject:

How to Glorify Christ at Your Workplace…So It Looks Like Art

As the Chief Marketing Officer for award-winning EnergyCAP, Inc., Chris comes with 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, while also serving as company chaplain.

He chose this topic because a number of you are asking,

  • “What does it mean to say Jesus is supreme at my job?”
  • “Where is He manifesting His reign at my work?”
  • “How do I glorify Christ there more fully every day?”

In this inaugural session of the new and always-free “Christ Cast” webinar series, catch a vision for how you can exalt Christ where you work…doing so in such a way that it looks like art. (And find out what that means, too.) Awake in new ways to what Jesus is doing at your workplace and then serve him there in 2016 in exciting ways.

Anyone can log onto this webinar — it’s not complicated. No experience needed. People do it all the time.

As soon as you register for the Christ Cast you will receive an email with easy-to-follow instructions. Viewing the webinar requires only an Internet connection and computer with speakers (or call in on a telephone) to enjoy the presentation. And remember, its all free!

This first session is limited to 100 attendees.


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