Introducing Christ Talks

Introducing Christ Talks

[Editor’s Update: The Christ Talks Youngstown event promoted in this blog was a Christ-exalting success! You can view pictures or the Twitter feed from the event. Thank you for all who participated.]

Welcome to Christ Talks!

This month, launches a brand new resource for the Church called Christ Talks, which premieres at a free, live event in Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday, February 9.

Christ Talks incorporates eight-minute speeches by believers from all walks of life that introduce fresh, biblical insights, personalized and contextualized, to enlarge a vision of who the supreme Christ is right now. The event also includes audience interaction, discussion, worship, and prayer.

Nothing quite like Christ Talks has been offered to the Church ever before.

About Christ Talks

Similar to the worldwide phenomenon known as TED Talks, Christ Talks creates a context for Christians to come together locally to explore a greater vision and understanding of who our Lord Jesus Christ is right now—and then to act on that vision.

Christ Talks events draw together believers from various streams of the Church within a city or community, allowing Christians to gain fresh insights on God’s Son from one another. Christ Talks enlarges how we see Jesus through a variety of lenses—historical, denominational, generational, ethnic and cultural, occupational, and educational.

How Christ Talks Impacts the Body of Christ

Christ Talks represents a powerful application of Scripture’s call for believers to minister to each other the truths of who Jesus is today in order to effectively unite in him to advance his fame and reign as Head of the Church (see for example, Ephesians 4:7-16).

As different segments of the Body of Christ share with one another their unique perspectives on our exalted King, the magnitude of who he is becomes more fully revealed to and through the Church as a whole. As God’s people are awakened to a greater knowledge and passionate love of the ascended and reigning King Jesus, then it follows that they will respond with actions that make a difference in communities and nations on strategic levels.

A core conviction undergirding Christ Talks is that this growing, shared awakening provides a whole new starting point for congregational revitalization, racial reconciliation, city transformation ministries, cooperative evangelism, mission outreach, and more.

As a resource, Christ Talks illustrates that the greater our vision of Christ—a vision we must engender in each other and then strengthen and expand together—the greater will be our resolve to join together to impact the world around us for his kingdom purposes.  

In other words, Christ Talks provides a powerful way for believers to gain new perspectives together on the person and reign of Christ that, in turn, allows the Holy Spirit to lead God’s people into more effective solutions in Jesus for healing the social, moral, and spiritual ills that are plaguing our churches, communities, and nation.

Other Benefits of Attending a Christ Talks Event

A live Christ Talks event is a unique experience for most participants, promising many rich rewards.

  • You gain a larger biblical vision of and greater passion for the person of Christ by hearing how believers from other parts of the Body of Christ interpret how glorious he is today.
  • This allows you to bond in whole new ways with Christians from your community or city, by giving priority to focusing on and interacting around God’s Son.
  • In turn, this helps believers discover more of our common unity based preeminently on how we see the supremacy of Christ.
  • By doing so, we put in place a much stronger foundation for future unified ministries for Christ locally and beyond.
  • Along with audience interaction, the presentations inspire new levels of hope about and prayer for Christ Awakenings in individual lives, in churches, in communities, and in the nation (in fact, brief prayer times are woven into each event).
  • Expanding our shared vision of the greatness of God’s Son equips the Church to push back the powers of darkness by unfolding more of Christ’s manifold supremacy through a more united Body (see for example Ephesians 3:7-10).
  • For individual believers, hearing the talks deepens his or her personal relationship with Jesus as we discover from one another new dimensions of who Jesus is today.
  • Above all else, Christ Talks encourages a vision of the majesty and wonders of God’s Son, uncovered through a mosaic of insights from across the Church, that ushers all who participate into a stronger life of worship and praise toward our reigning Savior.

Join Us for the Premiere Christ Talks Event in Youngstown, Ohio on Tuesday, February 9

Update: Christ Talks Youngstown was a Christ-exalting success! You can view pictures or the Twitter feed from the event. Thank you for all who participated.

We invite you to attend the official launch of Christ Talks in Youngstown, Ohio.  This free, live event is on Tuesday, February 9, beginning at 8:45 AM at Youngstown Metro Church (doors open for audience at 8:15 AM). The day will feature a morning session, lunch, and an afternoon session, ending at 4:00 PM.

The morning session consists of twelve diverse, eight-minute Christ Talks with guided audience reflections after each one. Following an hour-long lunch provided at the church, the afternoon session includes an audience Q & A and discussion time, as well as times of prayer for Christ Awakenings in our lives, our churches, and our communities.

If You Attend

Date: Tuesday, February 9

Time: 8:45 AM – 4:00 PM (8:15 AM – Doors Open for Audience)

8:45 AM – Morning Session
12:30 PM – Lunch Provided
1:30 PM – Afternoon Session
4:00 PM – Event Concludes

Location: Youngstown Metro Church
801 Wick Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44505

Cost: Free; donations to the facilitator, Proclaim Hope, are welcome and appreciated.

Parking: On-site parking is limited; please carpool, if possible

We hope to see you at Christ Talks Youngstown!

Be Watching for the Videos from Christ Talks Youngstown

Shortly after the February 9 event, we’ll post the twelve Christ Talks presentations from Youngstown at

Videos from future Christ Talks events will also be posted on Even if you miss these live events, the videos will provide encouragement toward Christ Awakenings everywhere.

Would You Like to Host a Christ Talks Event Where You Live?

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting a Christ Talks event in your city, please contact us and we’ll send you a free guide to help you get started.

The next live event will take place in State College, PA, on Saturday, April 23.  Be watching for the announcements.


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