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The CHRIST TODAY Podcast is for Christians hungry to explore and experience more of who the living, reigning Jesus Christ is today.

Along with providing a grander vision of the wonders of God’s Son, each episode supports your adventure with Jesus with a multitude of free online resources.

Having spent decades delivering these teachings to every stream of the global Church, host David Bryant shares each episode with heart-stirring warmth and infectious passion.


The Christ Institutes Video Series:

A powerful new way to explore and experience who Christ is today.

David Bryant’s Overview (3 min)

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  • "What a refreshingly insightful series! It’s exactly what WE the Church, including ministry and teaching leaders, need to hear—even more so, heed—today. Isn’t it incredible that it is possible to lose sight of Jesus in attempting to serve Him and His mission! Jesus meant it when He said, “for without Me you can do nothing.” Thank you, David, for teaching the truth of the new life in Christ so clearly, so profoundly, so encouragingly! This is a desperately needed message today!"

    Rev. Rodger C. Niemeier

    Vice President, The National Association of Christian Ministers
  • Jesus has ballooned for me from a tiny savior to a reigning King. I'll never be the same. I encourage you to use this resource to dig into more of him.

    Peyton Booth

    High School Student
  • As chairman of the Staten Island pastors association, I’ve seen leaders and their churches transformed by the journey. For myself, this is the most powerful teaching I’ve ever experienced!

    Pastor David Beidel

    New Hope Community Church
  • The Christ Institutes is restorative and life-giving. This clear, clarion call to reengage with the supremacy of Christ is the most important voice being raised up in the Church today!

    Rev. Gary Frost

    National Coordinator, Mission America Coalition

Samplings of Christ for Your Soul

Short Video Clips to Refresh Your Walk with Him

Enough of who Jesus is invades our consciousness

What does the supremacy of Christ really look like

Every Knee Shall Bow

A Larger Vision of Christ Today Changed Our Lives!

Personal Testimonies about Christ Awakenings.

Great News: A Christ Awakening Movement Is Coming

Dr. Dick Eastman

Why There’s No More Puny Jesus for Me!

Dr. Richard Ross

Why I’m So Passionate for Christ

Nancy Wilson

Discover How Your Failures Can Show You Christ’s Glory

Chris Voorhees

Your View of Christ’s Supremacy Can Shape Your Success

Rev. Gary Frost

How I Came Out of Drugs and Into the Reign of Jesus

Allan Scott

Find Your Place in the Christ Awakening Movement Today

Begin right here as you explore and experience
more of the spectacular supremacy of God’s Son

WHY Do We Celebrate the Supremacy of Christ

(40 minutes)

David Bryant

HOW Do We Celebrate the Supremacy of Christ

(43 minutes)

David Bryant

Confronting the Crisis of Christology Today

(12 minutes)

David Bryant

Reclaiming a Consequential Christology Today

(17 minutes)

David Bryant

Christ Awakenings and the Student World

(32 minutes)

David Bryant

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Using a host of creative formats wrapped around seven simple prepositions, David Bryant equips God’s people everywhere to explore and experience in brand new ways a grander, deeper, more dynamic encounter with Jesus—like meeting him again for the first time! This accelerated awakening to the whole vision of the whole Christ offers our nation the one hope we have of finding true greatness—for now and for eternity.

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Jesus is so much bigger than you ever imagined.

We’re here to help you know him for ALL he is right now.


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