Here’s How to Turn Your Social Network into a Ministry for Christ


Here’s How to Turn Your Social Network into a Ministry for Christ

Thank you for using We’re so grateful for early users like you, who are utilizing the website just weeks after our launch. We have an exciting announcement to share with you:


The Share feature enables you to easily share any Christ Now resource or page to your social network. It takes just one second to share a worship video, quote, devotion, Scripture, audio recording, or any of our other extensive and Christ-exalting resources to your friends and family.

Here’s an example of sharing a worship music video to Facebook:

  1. Locate the resource or page you want to share.
  2. On the Share bar, click on the social network you want to share to, for example Facebook.

Wonderful, merciful...[arrow]


3. The Share window will appear. Click the Share button in the window. The content will be automatically populated, but you can customize what will display—for example, you can add your own message in the “Say something about this…” field.


4. It’s that easy! The resource or page appears on your social network. Here’s how it looks on my Facebook page. I added a note, “Always moves me to tears…” in step #3.



With this new Share feature, you can turn your social network into a ministry network. As you can see in the example above, I shared a worship song to my Facebook page. Then one of my Facebook friends, Linda, noticed the song and watched it. After watching she commented, “Thank you Chris – my worship this morning.”

Do you see what happened here? I had a meaningful worship experience on, then I shared the song to Facebook. That one-second click enabled Linda to have a worship experience as well.

When you share Christ Now resources to your social network, you create your own ministry network! Your social network can become a hub for Christ-exalting resources when you share:

  • art, audio, blogs
  • books, devotions, music
  • quotes, Scriptures, stories, and videos.

Please use the Share feature often and spread the good news of Jesus all over the place!



About the Author

Chris Heinz is a certified coach and teacher who helps people to explore life calling so they can live with purpose, passion, and power. He’s the Chief People Officer for EnergyCAP, Inc., a top-rated Learning Partner for Penn State, and runs his own personal development business called Chris Heinz Co. In addition, Chris is the author of Made To Pray and Hello, My Name Is Jesus. He lives with his family in central Pennsylvania and serves on the National Editorial Board for Christ Now. You can connect with him at

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