Here’s a Great Way to Help CHILDREN
Discover the Supremacy of Jesus


Here’s a Great Way to Help CHILDREN
Discover the Supremacy of Jesus

Christmas is for children—right?

After all, it revolves around a soft, cuddly baby for whom we sing that “all is calm, all is bright.” Another familiar Christmas carol names him “Sweet little Jesus boy.”

Except that same carol proceeds to say (emphasis added):

Sweet little holy child,
We didn’t know who you were.
Didn’t know you’d come to save us, Lord,
To take our sins away.
Our eyes were blind; we could not see.
We didn’t know who you were.

Do our children really know who he is—who he is right now? Do we?

The Christmas angels introduced him to the shepherds by three key titles—Savior, Christ, Lord—all of which define specific dimensions of the majesty, the victories, and the full extent of his everlasting reign.

How many of our children in Christian homes and weekly Sunday School classes have met Jesus along those lines, in terms of the fullness of his supremacy today? 

How many of our little ones genuinely know who he is as the “Savior” (the deliverer for all creation)? As the “Christ” (the one anointed to fulfill all the promises and purposes of God)? As the “Lord” (the one ascended and reigning today among the nations)?

This is the perfect time to change all of that!

Christmas provides an excellent reason to help the kids in our lives make the big leap beyond the traditional, cozy Bethlehem story—beyond the gospel narratives that highlight only Jesus’ previous earthly episodes—to bring them into the present in order to meet the Savior, the Christ, and the Lord for ALL he is today. 

After all, it was Jesus who reminded his disciples: “You must let little children come to me, and you must never stop them. The kingdom of Heaven belongs to little children like these!” (Matthew 19, emphasis added) 

In other words, the kingship of Jesus and all that it entails is meant to be known and experienced, first of all, and above all, by our kids! 

With his very next sentence, Jesus added: “Truly, I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” (emphasis added). 

Or we might paraphrase it like this: With their openness and teachableness and eagerness, the kids around you are so ready to engage with the greatness of the King and what his reign is all about—if we’ll let them.

Let’s look at one more example—the day of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem to present himself as Israel’s long-awaited king. Look! It was the children in the temple, and only the children, who started hymning his praises—which our Lord interpreted as a manifestation of the claim of Psalm 8: “You have set your glory in the heavens. Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies” (emphasis added). Kids were celebrating the supremacy of Jesus! 

Where do we begin?

But how can we begin to bring our little ones into this larger vision? Here are some good places to begin:

  1. Go to and click on the link for Christ Kids to find free tools available for you to download and use.
  2. Scroll down the home page at to the section titled “Samplings of Christ” where you’ll find short (1-2 minutes) dynamic videos that can make the reigning Christ more real to kids.
  3. Listen to one of my recent 30-minute episodes of the CHRIST TODAY Podcast—episode 164 titled How can we help CHILDREN grasp the greatness of Christ?
  4. Finally, let me recommend to you a one-of-a-kind book that, as far as I know, is the only devotional specifically designed to speak directly to kids about the wonders of who Jesus is today, seated at God’s right hand.

In it, Chris Heinz—a ministry leader, corporate executive, life coach, and founding member of the ChristNow National Editorial Board—takes children through brief meditations on 45 of the most “Christologically-thick” scriptures. He restates profound, eternal realities in ways that help little ones get their heads and hearts around them.

When did an experience like that last happen for any of the kids in your sphere?

Here are some of the chapter titles:

  • The Super King
  • God’s Backpack
  • Boring, No-Good Lunches
  • Holding the Universe Together
  • World Traveler
  • Filled with Christ
  • The Ultimate Closer

I could not recommend this book more highly. In fact, I wrote its foreword!

With current studies revealing that about 75% of children raised in evangelical homes walk away from the Church once they move out of the house, it is urgent that we tackle this challenge immediately. As the adage says:

Whatever vision you capture them with
is the vision you have to keep them with.

To put it another way:

Unless we start to capture our children
with a much larger and more compelling vision
of the glorious wonders of who Jesus is today,
soon we may see them walking away from us
as they walk away from HIM.

We simply can’t have that!

You can order the book on Amazon here.

MORE about Chris Heinz

Chris Heinz is a certified coach and teacher who helps people to explore life calling so they can live with purpose, passion, and power. He’s the Chief People Officer for EnergyCAP, Inc., a top-rated Learning Partner for Penn State, and runs his own personal development business called Chris Heinz Co. In addition, Chris is the author of Made To Pray and Hello, My Name Is Jesus. He lives with his family in central Pennsylvania and serves on the National Editorial Board for Christ Now. You can connect with him at


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