Amazing Free Book Offer:
Christ Is All!

An offer from Salvatore Anthony Luiso

Dear friends, if you are a regular visitor to, you may know that this website is a product of David Bryant and his ministry PROCLAIM HOPE! (You can learn about him and his ministry HERE.)

However, you may not know that David has written several books. (You can learn about them HERE.)

One of his books is entitled Christ Is All! Its title is a quotation from Colossians 3:11 with an added exclamation point.

Here there is no Gentile or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all. (Colossians 3:11, NIV, emphasis added)

The original hardback version of this book has the subtitle A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of God’s Son. It is 476 pages long and is now available for free in a pdf file HERE. Sections of it are available for free in an audio format (mp3) HERE.

The revised paperback version of Christ Is All! has the subtitle Join in the Joyful Awakening to the Supremacy of God’s Son. It is a condensation of the original and only 176 pages long. Unlike the original, it is not available in an electronic format.

You can learn more about the revised version and download free resources related to its focus—such as a discussion guide for small groups—HERE.

In his ministryand especially in this bookDavid seeks to awaken others to “ALL” of who Christ is.

I believe so strongly in the importance of his mission that I have purchased and am giving copies of the revised version of Christ Is All! as gifts to people who tell me they would read it if they had one.

Would you like to read it?

Will you read it if I give you a copy as a gift in the name of Jesus?

If so,

you are welcome to request one from me

by sending a message to

Please provide your name and a mailing address,
and mention that you learned of this offer from
the ChristNow blog.

(Your mailing address will not be used for any other purpose.)

I charge neither for the book nor its shipping. I want nothing in return for them.

I want Christ and his church to be blessed through Christ Is All! He is worthy! Amen!

At present, I have a few dozen copies of the revised version available. Although I prefer to ship domestically (within the United States), I am willing to consider shipping internationally.

If you would like to get an idea of the unique ways this book looks at Jesus, I suggest you examine a few of David’s articles published on the ChristNow blog (where you are reading this article). He wrote Christ Is All! to be a book to which all Christians can heartily say, “Amen!” 

David and I hope that through the feast found in Christ Is All!, readers will gain a greater, grander, and more wondrous vision of our Lord Jesus Christ, and thereby be informed, inspired, and invigorated to live lovingly, faithfully, and reverently in, through, and for him every day!

It is a book about hope and joy in Jesus!

About the Author

Salvatore Anthony Luiso is a servant of Christ and a research assistant for David Bryant and the ChristNow team. He resides and serves in Williamsburg, Virginia. He has blogs on both Pray.Network and Discipleship.Network at The #ReimagineFORUM. The first version of this article was published there.

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  1. Ken Mettler 2 years ago

    I signed up on another page but don’t want to get two email copies

    • Author

      I’m sorry, I don’t understand you. Are you saying you sent a request for the paperback edition of the book to I have searched my e-mail inbox for a message from you, but have not found one.

  2. Ann 2 years ago

    I signed up to receive a copy of the free book “Christ Is All” on but think I mistakenly asked for the ChristNow book. I noticed I made the mistake after sending the e-mail. My name is Ann Brock and my mailing address is 724 Riddle Lane, Lake Providence, LA 71254
    Thank you.

    • Author

      I understood you wanted Christ Is All!, even though the subject of your message says “Christ Is Now”. Lord willing, soon I will mail a copy of Christ Is All! to you, and inform you when I have done this.

      You are welcome to tell other people about the article from which you learned about this book–for example, by sending an e-mail message with a link to it.

      • David Bryant 2 years ago

        Thank you, Salvatore, for making this wonderful offer. Many are being blessed because of you!

    • David Bryant 2 years ago

      Yes, Ann please tell others about the offer. There are so many people hungry for more of Christ in their lives. That’s what my writings are all aboujt. That’s why exists. Let’s continue to pray for a great awakening to Christ throughout our land. David

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