Four Vital Questions About Believing in Christ

Four Questions about Christ

Four Vital Questions About Believing in Christ

by Richard Ross

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is adapted from his book Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ by Richard Ross, available for purchase on Amazon.

Where Christ reigns, there is hope. Always. When the church embraces the full supremacy of the Son of God, there is passion. Always.

But in these days it may appear that hope is draining from the Western Church. In many places, passion is nearly gone. The anemia of most churches proves there is a crisis in Christology.

John said: “Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching about Christ does not have God” (2 John 9). No exceptions! Could anything be more debilitating for the global cause of Christ than this verdict? Even Christians can come up short on how they view and value the supremacy of God’s Son.

This shortfall has blindsided far too many believers. It has drained the vitality from worship, prayer, community life, and ministry outreach. In too many cases, it has numbed many believers’ daily walk with the Redeemer. Above all, it has robbed God of his rightful praise through his people among all peoples.

How regularly do believers, regardless of age, worship Christ as the:

  • Sovereign Son of the Father, reigning at his right hand forever and ever?
  • Triumphant Victor over sin, death, and Hades?
  • Glorious Conqueror, the dominating personality for all ages to come?
  • Unequivocal Commander of heaven’s hosts who obey his every command and whose every word we are also ready to obey?
  • Indisputable Judge of peoples and nations to whom all must give an account?
  • Undeniable Ruler of history, overseeing its path and its outcome from beginning to end?
  • Incomparable King of an Empire who ultimately will fill creation with his power and piety?
  • Irreplaceable Head and Heart of a people whom he has bought with his own blood?
  • Reigning Redeemer of the Church universal, militant, and triumphant?
  • Supreme Lord in this moment just as fully as he will be Supreme Lord at the end of time?

How About You?

Do you tend to believe Christ exists only to bless you and to give you the kind of life you want? Do you primarily expect him to give you relief from suffering, quick solutions to your problems, and general satisfaction with life? Have you assumed he is the key to “the American dream” of becoming increasingly prosperous and free of stress? If the people closest to you see Jesus as a friend with benefits, is it possible they picked this up from you?

Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Who really is the Christ through whom you were converted in the first place? Even more importantly, do you sense he truly conquered your heart that day, the way a King of kings has every right to do?
  2. Do you sense as reigning Lord that Jesus still maintains full sway over you right now?
  3. Are you convinced that all the promises of God are really and truly summed up in his Son? Or do you still struggle with hopelessness? Do you view God’s promises as totally available to you in Christ Jesus?
  4. Do you expect him to back his claims that he will ultimately be victorious over every challenge you confront? If so, how do you exhibit such convictions? What kinds of practical differences does this make in your daily walk with him?

In short, are you captivated by Christ as His Royal Highness? Or, for all practical purposes has he devolved in your thinking to a figurehead, a mere mascot? Observing your daily walk with him, what would fellow believers conclude? Which model of the Lord’s role—Monarch or mascot—would they find at work in your life?

But what if you begin to wake up to more and more of who Christ is today? And what if you begin to wake up other members of the congregation to his supremacy over all things?

What if increasing numbers of believers begin to declare: “May all Christians confess—and ultimately proclaim—Jesus Christ as Lord, the supreme Lord of his Church!”

Then, something wonderful may happen! A reawakening of fresh hope and passion toward Christ may be released in his Body. Believers will once again know him, not only as Lord over global concerns but as the One who is their “all in all”—as the One supreme over them, and every detail of their lives, forever.

Does your heart resonate with these statements?

  • In light of all Christ is, there is far more of him to know than I’ve yet discovered.
  • Therefore, I must be more passionate to know him than I currently am.
  • I must draw near to him with far more hope in him than ever before.
  • There is much more God longs for the Church to discover about his Son.
  • I must, therefore, proclaim him to believers more fully than ever.
  • I must never fear praying or proclaiming his glory too much.


Dr. Richard Ross is a professor to the next generation of youth ministers at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has authored many resources, including his latest, Youth Ministry That Lasts a Lifetime. You can connect with Richard on his websiteFacebook, or Twitter.

  1. david bryant 7 years ago

    Richard: Simple and profound all at the same time. Thank you for this wonderful testimony of your own heart for and your vision of God’s dear Son. David

  2. Author
    Richard Ross 7 years ago

    David Bryant is my chief mentor related to the current glory and reign of God’s Son. I have spent untold hours sitting at his feet as he taught on this thrilling subject. I have spent even more hours pouring over all he has written. His words, his phrases, and his thought processes have permeated my thinking. Readers of the blog post above need to know that the origin of these ways of thinking and of seeing Christ belong to David. With humble permission, David has allowed me to use his clear thoughts in many of my writings. Christ be praised.

  3. Steve Hall 7 years ago

    Richard, thank you so much for expressing all you have above about our hope in Christ alone. Two nights ago, I was typing out some thoughts that have been running through my mind about Christ, as our blessed Hope. You have captured those thoughts so well. I believe it was the Holy Spirit who gave them to you, so, now, may the Holy Spirit cause millions of other believers around the U.S. and the whole world, to seek the fullness of Christ, live in the fullness of Christ, and pour out the fullness of Christ to many others in their spheres of influence. Truly, Jesus Christ is Lord of all. And, Richard, I echo what you said about David Bryant being your mentor of the glory and reign of God’s Son. And, you too, have impacted my life about His limitless majesty. CHRIST IS ALL.

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