First-ever Study on the Supremacy of Christ for TEENS

First-ever Study on the Supremacy of Christ


What if the youth in your church tackled this study

and got ruined with a new passion for Jesus’ reign?

David Bryant

Across the bottom of its front cover, this one-of-a-kind discipleship curriculum (book and leader’s guide) calls to the youth in churches across America:

AWAKEN to the supreme majesty of God’s Son!

ADORE Him as King and Redeemer!

ARISE to join Him in bringing His kingdom on earth!

These three directives define the meaning of the book’s subtitle:

Awakening a Young Generation to King Jesus

Produced by Dr. Richard Ross, one of America’s premiere trainers of youth ministers (having mentored thousands serving in churches across America), this book for teens and its accompanying leader’s guide have already secured strong endorsements.

Lilly, a high school student who went through the curriculum at a weekend retreat, recently testified about REIGN:

It was life-changing not only to realize that we completely undervalue Jesus but that we also steal away from His glory whenever we picture Him as anything other than the true King that He is. Picturing Jesus as King makes you want to do anything to serve and glorify Him rather than yourself and focusing on your own happiness.

Chris, a seasoned youth pastor in Texas, wrote to Richard Ross:

Reading this really humbled me. I’ve been in ministry for so many years. But I never had an experience like this before. I just sat in silence at the majesty of who Christ is on His throne. I cannot wait for students to experience this same freedom and awe!

Serving as professor of student ministry at Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, Dr. Ross has been teaching this vision to churches, youth retreats, seminary students, pastors, parents, and lay leaders for many years. Everything he shares in REIGN (both the book and the accompanying leader’s guide) has been “field tested” and has proven to be powerful in its impact.

Here’s Why Your Church’s Youth Program

Needs to Make REIGN the Focus of Fall 2019

Richard Ross has written other books for the youth church world, including Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ and Youth Ministry That Lasts a Lifetime (both available on Amazon). So, why did he feel the need to publish his latest book?

In an interview in one of America’s leading Christian news sources, Richard Ross provided a rationale for creating the REIGN curriculum. His responses to their questions were truly prophetic!

For example, from years of observation, he concludes:

Teenagers tend to live as if Jesus is mostly out of sight and out of mind except when they need Jesus to show up anytime they have a need or an issue. They honestly believe Jesus exists for them and that He is supposed to make their lives happier, less stressful, and more prosperous.

Then, he states unequivocally:

I believe the most powerful antidote to a “me-centered” faith is a clear understanding of who Jesus really is. REIGN lifts the eyes of believing teenagers to powerful, majestic, preeminent King Jesus, reigning over the universe from the throne of heaven. He is the King over everything. He cannot be my little mascot. He is the supreme Monarch.

The full interview can be found here.

The book and leader’s guide are available on Amazon here.


About the Author

Over the past 40 years, David Bryant has been defined by many as a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer” to the Church throughout the world. Formerly a minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI), and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, David now provides leadership to and Proclaim Hope!, whose mission is to foster and serve Christ-awakening movements. Order his widely read books at

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