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Jesus is…

The Glorious Sword

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Deuteronomy 33:29

Blessed are you, Israel!
Who is like you,
a people saved by the Lord?
He is your shield and helper
and your glorious sword.
Your enemies will cower before you,
and you will tread on their heights.”

The LORD JESUS CHRIST has become for us our greatest offensive weapon, bringing assurance of victory for His people.

Dear Father, I am very grateful that the Lord Jesus is the Glorious Sword Who saves me and all His people today just as You saved the ancient people of Israel. I bow before the Glorious Sword, the victorious and eternal conqueror, provider, protector, leader, ruler, master and lord. I sing the hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” by Sabine Baring-Gould, to celebrate the dominion of the Glorious Sword: (verse 1)”Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus, Going on before. Christ, the royal Master, Leads against the foe; Forward into battle, See, His banners go!” (verse 2)”Like a mighty army, Moves the Church of God. Brothers, we are treading, Where the saints have trod. We are not divided; All one body we: One in hope and doctrine, One in charity.” (verse 3)”Crowns and thrones may perish, Kingdoms rise and wane; But the Church of Jesus, Constant will remain. Gates of hell can never, ‘Gainst that Church prevail; We have Christ’s own promise, Which can never fail.” (verse 4)”Onward, then, ye people! Join our happy throng; Blend with ours your voices, In the triumph song. Glory, laud, and honor, Unto Christ, the King; This thro’ countless ages, Men and angels sing.” (chorus)”Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus, Going on before.” May I and all other followers of the Glorious Sword submit ourselves wholly to His rule, and may all our enemies cower before Him. I pray these things in His name. Amen.


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