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Jesus is…

Our God for Ever and Ever

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Psalm 48:10-14

Like your name, O God,
your praise reaches to the ends of the earth;
your right hand is filled with righteousness.
Mount Zion rejoices,
the villages of Judah are glad
because of your judgments.
Walk about Zion, go around her,
count her towers,
consider well her ramparts,
view her citadels,
that you may tell of them
to the next generation.
For this God is our God for ever and ever;
he will be our guide even to the end.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST reveals how God will be supreme for His people at all times.

Dear Father, I am immensely grateful for today’s reminder of the countless reasons that I and all other believers have to praise You and Jesus for all You are and all You do! I worship Jesus that He is magnificent in all ways! I pray that we followers will unite in praise of Him that reaches to the ends of the earth. I exalt Him that He is not our God for a moment, or until we experience earthly physical death, but that He is our all-loving, all-mighty, all-beautiful, all-holy, all-secure and all-glorious God For Ever and Ever! I pray that You will convict us to repent of the times we become so self-focused or world-focused that we forget Christ’s never-changing, eternal supremacy. And, just as the inhabitants of Zion intentionally learned more about their city, I pray that multitudes of Christians today will earnestly devote ourselves to learning more about Jesus, so that we will completely trust Him and regularly tell of His greatness to the next generation. I rest in the certain hope we have in our God For Ever and Ever, and pray these things in His blessed name. Amen.


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