This One-of-a-Kind Book Will
Enlarge Your Hope in Christ’s Supremacy

Christ Is NOW!

Join Christians Across America Using David Bryant’s New Book to Help Them Discover Fresh Hope in the Supremacy of Christ


Christ Is NOW!
7 Groundbreaking Keys
to Help You Explore and Experience
the Spectacular Supremacy of God’s Son Today


In 2018 why not join with multitudes of other believers who are becoming more and more alive to the whole vision of the whole Christ?

One powerful, unprecedented resource to lead you into fresh encounters with the the living life-giving Lord Jesus Christ has just arrived. Drawn from 40 years of prayer, biblical research, and teaching on Christ throughout the Church worldwide, David Bryant’s “magnum opus” (as some are calling it) is available now for you and to share with those you love.

In it, David offers you a one-of-a-kind exploration of the current majesty and magnificence of the Lord Jesus Christ and how your life can be enriched and empowered as you uncover radical new ways of seeing him and serving him—at Christmas time and beyond.

Encounter God’s Son as you’ve never encountered him before. Meet him in a way that will feel like you are meeting him for the very first time—not once, but over and over and over!.

Christ Is NOW! will forever change your passion for Jesus and your personal walk with him—as well as your ministry for him! Guaranteed!

  • View a short video here as David Bryant tells you why he wrote it for you.
  • Preview the book here by reading exciting introductory excerpts.
  • Order the book here—hardback version.

Create a radical Christmas this year! Read Christ Is NOW! Give Christ Is NOW!

Let the wonder and joy of discovering “the newborn King” for ALL he is today as the triumphant, reigning Redeemer on heaven’s throne be birthed in your heart this Christmas—and bring your family and friends to the celebration with you!

Learn what it really means to sing this season, “O, come let us adore him, Christ the Lord.”

Experience the rest of the Christmas story!

  1. Carolyn Braun 7 years ago

    Hi David,

    I’d like to order a copy of your book “Christ is NOW”. However, I was unable to complete the order through Amazon because it wouldn’t ship to my address in Canada. Just wondering if there’s another way for me to be able to order your book?

  2. Valentine Royalthomas 6 years ago

    Hi DAVID: I am in the US and will order the book today. I heard you speak and my Hersey rejoiced and is hungry to begin this journey. Thank you for being a guest on THE EARLY MORNING LATE SHOW with Bill Arnold.
    My Real Question: IS THERE A WORKBOOK OR HOURNAL TO ACCOMPANY CHRIST IS NOW. Thank you and May God continue to bless and magnify God’s Name through the ministries you serve.

  3. Maria R Thom 6 years ago

    how much is the book?

    • Author
      David Bryant 6 years ago

      Thanks for asking, Maria. This 640 page, full color throughout, graphically enhanced hard sells for $29.95. But you can get it for $20 PLUS free shipping either through or through AMAZON. Read the “reviews” on the AMAZON link to see how it is already changing lives. David

  4. Cindy Torrince 6 years ago

    I saw this page and decided to get the book. I want to know Jesus better each day.

    • Author
      David Bryant 6 years ago

      Cindy–This is great news! It really makes my day. Remember, as you jump into the book to feast on it slowly and let its insights feed your soul land sink down deep into your life. You’ll be introduced to the breadth and depth and wonders of God’s Son from God’s Word in ways you probably have never experienced before. Remember, even his disciples needed 3 years walking with him, plus 40 more days sharing with him in his resurrection glory, before they began to fully grasp how great and wonderful and life-changing he really is. So, just ENJOY him in these coming weeks with CHRIST IS NOW! David

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