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There is a crisis right now—in our nation and in the Church in our nation.

Currently, 83% of our fellow Americans think our country is going in the wrong direction. Many Christians fear the collapse of our country’s financial institutions and government, the loss of our freedoms, and the degeneration of our moral and spiritual strength. People by the thousands are leaving their churches, never to return.

That’s why we’re offering

David Bryant LIVE!

The Lord Jesus Christ ALONE can transform our nation and our churches for God’s kingdom. We need a Christ Awakening to sweep across America—an awakening to the glory and greatness of our reigning Savior!

For decades, David Bryant’s singular focus has been forcefully addressing these issues. He has ministered to audiences as small as house churches and as large as full football stadiums—and everything in between. He continues encouraging and equipping God’s people with his books and writings, social media posts, video training, and online tutorials at ChristNow.com.

But now, David wants to return to what he enjoys most of all—direct, personal involvement with Christians who want to KNOW the Lord Jesus Christ as the King who reigns over their lives more and more and who also desperately want to see him reign over the United States of America.

That’s why we’re offering

David Bryant LIVE!

Through in-person meetings and Zoom cast gatherings, David wants to share face to face, with large and small audiences across the country, the passion in his heart for the glory and greatness of our reigning Savior, coupled with the hope of a widespread Christ Awakening that we so desperately need in our lives, in our families, in our churches, and in our nation.

Learn more about David Bryant HERE.

You can invite David to work directly with you and your group(s). See below the four options we offer to make such a gathering possible. Contact us!

There are four options.

They describe how a David Bryant LIVE! event might take place for you and the Christian group you represent. Two options can be conducted either onsite or online. Details for each option will be worked out through further discussions with David.

Four Options


Online or Onsite

This is an informal conversation with David, lasting as long as desired but usually one to two hours.

He opens with reflections on the supremacy of Christ today and the need for a Christ Awakening in our lives and churches.

Then, the “table” is open for free-flowing conversation. Every roundtable closes with a time of prayer.

Group size may vary, but somewhere between eight and thirty people is most workable.

ChristNow.com provides a wealth of resources to follow up on the roundtable.


Online or Onsite

in this seminar, usually lasting two hours to half a day, David presents some of his most consequential teachings on three major topics. These are the issues David has been teaching about for over forty years, so he brings a richness to each topic found nowhere else.

  1. A Fresh Look at Christ and the Full Extent of His Supremacy
  2. Confronting the Crisis in Our Vision of Christ Today
  3. How to Spread a Christ Awakening Where You Live

Throughout each session, there are times of Q&A.

ChristNow.com provides a wealth of resources to follow up on the seminar.


Onsite Only

In this approach, David visits a city for two days of multiple 90-minute meetings. Each consists of some formal teaching, free-flowing conversation, and united prayer. Several homes host a small group in their living rooms, drawn from various churches in the community. Some events may be offered separately just for Christian leaders/pastors.

As many as six meetings can take place in one day—twelve total during the two days David is with you: two in the morning (8-9:30/10:30-noon), two in the afternoon (1-2:30/ 3:30-5), two in the evening (6-7:30/8:30-10).

This approach not only feeds Christians hungry for more of Christ but can also help launch a movement in a city toward a growing Christ Awakening among God’s people.

ChristNow.com provides a wealth of resources to follow up on the gatherings.


Onsite Only

This is a larger gathering hosted by a coalition of churches, bringing together Christians from across the city or area into an auditorium or civic center, usually for two hours.

David has led rallies like this for over 50 years in cities across the nation and around the world. A rally consists of:

  1. Christ-focused worship (contemporary and traditional)
  2. David’s proclamation of and call for Christ Awakenings (individual, congregational, citywide, nationwide)
  3. A Concert of Prayer (creative, sensitive corporate praying)
  4. Overview of practical steps toward spreading Christ Awakenings among God’s people where you live
  5. Recommitment to live more fully for our reigning Lord Jesus Christ

ChristNow.com provides a wealth of resources to follow up with those who attend a rally.

What are the financial expectations?

For ONSITE engagements, the sponsoring group will cover all travel expenses plus a contribution for David’s time with you that will go directly to Proclaim Hope! to empower our work. For ONLINE engagements, the sponsoring group will make a contribution to Proclaim Hope! to help underwrite our ongoing outreach.

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(For ONLINE events, this involves a contribution to Proclaim Hope! appropriate to the amount of time David spends with you. For ONSITE events, the costs would include all travel expenses plus a contribution to Proclaim Hope! appropriate to the amount of time David spends with you.)

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