Christ Zoom Casts

with David Bryant
"There’s so much more of Christ that I want to share with you. Join us in this nationwide Christ Awakening movement!”




Christ Zoom Casts provide a gathering place for Christ followers eager to:

  • Discover more about the greatness of God’s Son
  • Pursue a richer daily walk with him as Lord
  • Awaken others to the glories of his reign today
  • Connect with those who share the same desires
  • Seek and pray together for a Christ Awakening to sweep across our nation


National Prayer Gathering

Uniting in Prayer Nationwide for an American CHRIST Awakening


Is there a question or topic directly related to the theme of the next session that you would like David Bryant to address? Briefly state it here:

Each Christ Zoom Cast follows this basic format:

  1. Out of his 40 years of teaching around the world on the wonders of Christ, David Bryant shares on a specific theme related to the five goals of every session.

  2. Next, David responds to questions and topics related to the theme of that session that have been submitted by participants ahead of time.

  3. Each session concludes as selected participants lead in a time of prayer for what has been discussed and for an awakening to more of the glory of Christ throughout the Body of Christ and across our nation.

  4. Participants leave each session motivated and equipped to keep going and growing in Jesus by drawing on the hundreds of free resources available to everyone at

Get ready to join in the coming Christ Awakening
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Breakthrough! Uniting in Prayer Nationwide for an American CHRIST Awakening

Breakthrough! Uniting in Prayer Nationwide for an American CHRIST Awakening

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the webinar?

Once you register for the Christ Zoom Cast, we will email you the Zoom link to join the webinar a few hours before it begins. You will need to click on the Zoom link or copy and paste it into your browser to join the webinar.

When and where should I get the joining link?

You will receive an email with the joining link a few hours before the webinar starts.

What if I did not receive the email?

If you do not find the email in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder. If you are using Gmail, you should check in the Promotions, Updates, and other category tabs as well.

I’m muted. How do I interact or ask questions?

This means that, as an attendee, you have been put on mute. If and when the moderator allows attendees to interact, you will be able to unmute yourself. You can always submit questions during the session through the Zoom Q&A box. If we don’t get to them during this session, we will do so at a later session.

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