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with David Bryant:


Summertime in August! What a perfect opportunity to restore, renew, and recharge—not just physically or emotionally but also spiritually.
Here’s a great way to do it: Sit back and let someone else pour into you a larger view of Jesus to enrich your walk with him. That’s what David Bryant is ready to do for you with this unique CHRIST TODAY Podcast series!
As we did in the summer of 2021, we’ve again dipped into David’s nearly 400 podcast episodes to select SIXTEEN of the best to share with you for our Summer Sampler 2022.
Each one is designed to give you fresh hope about God’s Son and his reign in your life and also in the world. Each one will help move you into a more fruitful season of service to your King this coming fall.
So then . . . relax, close your eyes, and give David 35 minutes to share with you his vision and his passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and all he is today.
Take time this summer to REFRESH your mind and spirit in God’s “SON-shine”!
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