The Christ Today Podcast with David Bryant

The Nationwide Campaign for an American CHRIST Awakening
This series includes episodes 312-329.

New Year → New Direction → New Hope → New You
Starting January 2022, David Bryant and the CHRIST TODAY Podcast present a whole new series of episodes, exploring exciting dimensions of the single greatest hope for our nation at this hour. What he shares in these episodes holds powerful implications for your daily walk with Jesus as well.
The Nationwide Campaign for an American CHRIST Awakening involves an unprecedented, two-year strategic plan to raise up a Christ-exalting revolution from coast to coast. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before.
By working with a host of Christian alliances and national and local Christian leaders, the goal is to fully unleash the “fire” already burning from coast to coast—a mighty awakening to the saving glory, greatness, grace, and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In this new CHRIST TODAY Podcast series, David shows you what this grassroots phenomenon is all about as well as how the campaign—and the resulting fire of a God-given American CHRIST Awakening—will set YOU aflame in whole new ways as a Jesus follower.

Christ’s FIRE: The GUARANTEE of a campaign to ignite YOU!

Christ’s FIRE: A holy UPRISING fueled by 30 years of PRAYER

Christ’s FIRE: Ordinary people with EXTRAORDINARY passion

Conversation with a friend DREAMING of a Christ Awakening

What will make this Christ Awakening UNIQUELY AMERICAN?

America is FALLING APART! It’s TIME for the FIRE to fall!

A 2022 Resolution: Think BIGGER about JESUS—and America

Where America needs the FIRE of Jesus' JUDGMENTS right now

January 6, 2021: A FIRE that lives in INFAMY? Or in EPIPHANY?

FIRE in Antioch: (5) How to STAY ablaze for Jesus—FOREVER!

FIRE in Antioch: (4) How to set AMERICA ablaze for Jesus in 2022

FIRE in Antioch: (3) How to set ourselves ablaze for OTHERS in 2022

FIRE in Antioch: (2) How to be fully ablaze for JESUS in 2022

FIRE in Antioch: (1) This is the fire Jesus wants for YOU in 2022!

FIRE! “The Nationwide Campaign for an American CHRIST Awakening”

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