Christ Is NOW!
The 8 David Bryant Interviews

with Dr. Steve Greene
This series includes episodes 399-406

Interview #1:
“The Thrill of Rediscovering the GREATNESS of Jesus.”
(Part of The CHRIST TODAY Podcast, Episode #399)

Do you have a hunger in your soul to know Jesus more? To feel his presence when you pray? To know him not only as your Savior but also as Lord and King and Ruler over all the universe?

Not long ago, nationally renowned Christian leader, author, scholar, and publisher Dr. Steve Greene sat down with David Bryant for an eight-part conversation.

In every session, Steve skillfully helps David unpack some of his remarkable, expansive vision and growing passion for the Lord Jesus Christ—as David shared with Steve in more intimate, personal terms.

Now you can join them at the table!

In these conversations, Steve and David explore what David calls “the seven groundbreaking keys” to help Christians experience the fullness of life under the lordship of Jesus today.

Yes—fullness! Joy, contentment, spiritual strength, peace, purpose, and so much more—because there are inexhaustible riches in knowing more of Jesus! The more you know him, the more you can expect nothing less from him—and commit to nothing less than total devotion to him!

After listening to all eight episodes, you may want to read some chapters from David’s recent book on which these interviews are based:CHRIST IS NOW!  Just click HERE to get started. It’s all free.

We also invite you to enjoy David’s creative video teachings on the glory and reign of Christ today, available through THE CHRIST INSTITUTES. This resource is also free to you—HERE. Begin the journey with this overview!

Bryant Interview #8: In Jesus there is yet SO MUCH MORE God has for you

Bryant Interview #7: How Jesus' ASCENDED LIFE flows out THROUGH you

Bryant Interview #5: How Jesus LEADS you and WHERE he is taking you

Bryant Interview #4: SIX dimensions of Jesus' reign that daily IMPACT you

Bryant Interview #3: Jesus' fourfold, irreversible REVOLUTION—and you

Bryant Interview #2: Who is our supreme Savior as a real PERSON to you?

Bryant Interview #1: The thrill of rediscovering the GREATNESS of Jesus

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