The Christ Today Podcast with David Bryant
2021 "Summer Sampler"

21 highlights from 250 episodes

Renewal…Restoration…Replenishment. Isn’t that what a “time away” should be about? But what is the best way to experience that?
Answer: Enjoy fresh encounters with the risen, reigning Savior—almost like meeting him again for the first time! But how do you find that?
Answer: Sample a few of the over 250 episodes from the CHRIST TODAY PODCAST. They are designed to help you see and savor the Lord Jesus in whole new ways. David Bryant’s insights and his passion for Jesus will allow the Holy Spirit to revitalize you with MORE of the WONDERS of Christ, who is the FULLNESS of life for all of us!
Welcome to the start of what might be called a “transformation vacation!”

Episode 151: The most radical change Christ brings to a marriage.

Episode 144: A new prayer over America: Calling Christ down upon us

Episode 131: How suffering increases our capacity for more of Christ

Episode 129: Seven reasons we can expect to see a Christ Awakening

Episode 117: The power of hope in Christ to change you and all of us

Episode 109: Facing the three reasons our hope in Christ gets paralyzed

Episode 95: Not revival but arrival. Life when God's Son shows up.

Episode 91: Wonder about your future? It's already here--in Christ.

Episode 88: The Resurrection: Fountain of every Christ Awakening.

Episode 81: More than your center, Christ is your circumference

Episode 78: Is Jesus your monarch or mascot? How you answer is huge!

Episode 49: Here's how Jesus' active presence in us transforms us

Episode 11: Turn the Keys. Unlock the Doors. See Jesus for Yourself.

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