We are excited to announce our CHRIST TODAY podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network! The podcast is for Christians hungry to explore and experience more of who the living, reigning Jesus Christ is today and how that can revitalize their daily walk with him.

New 25-minute episodes air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each one is enhanced by a wealth of free online resources to help you go further.

Every episode features David Bryant sharing with you personal, inspiring insights and life-changing applications gleaned from his forty years of teaching about Christ throughout the Church worldwide.

Learn more about CHRIST TODAY by listening to Episode 0 below. Be sure to subscribe to the show for FREE on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Click on the platform of your choice below and then choose “SUBSCRIBE.” That way you won’t miss a single episode!

Episode 0

The Christ Today Podcast: What's In It For You?
There’s a disturbing restlessness—a deepening hunger, a growing longing—across our nation. Have you sensed it? Is some of it found inside your own heart? Do you know what it is about? Rather, do you know WHO it is all about?

CHRIST TODAY exists for this purpose only—to meet this restlessness, to feed the hunger, to fulfill the longing.

In Episode 0, David Bryant takes five minutes to share with you more about what this podcast can mean for YOU and for your own daily walk with God's Son.


Episode 1

Jesus: Meet Him Again for the First Time
What this means. Why it’s needed. Why it never ends.


Episode 2

How Jesus Is the Master of Surprises
The shock of it. The impact of it. The thrill of it.


Episode 3

How to Hear the Voice That Roars
The Lion speaks. Every word matters. Silence works.


Episode 4

What It Means to Be Stupefied With Jesus
How Jesus staggers us. Enthralls us. Consumes us.


Episode 5

The Most Important Thing to Know About You
You describe JESUS to me. And I’ll describe YOU to you.


Episode 6

Time to Start Wearing Your King Jesus Glasses
Take this eye exam. Get these bifocals. Be amazed!


Episode 7

More Attention to the Ascension!
Jesus went on high! One event defines all reality.


Episode 8

Hear the Royal Decree! You'll Never Be the Same
Declared to Jesus. Then to us and creation. Rise up!


Episode 9

Jesus, Seated and Supreme: The WOW of Christ NOW!
Life-giving victory. Life-changing vision. For us.


Episode 10

The Choice Every Jesus Follower Must Make
Base camp or mountaintop? Centrality or supremacy?


Episode 11

How to Explore Christ’s Spectacular Supremacy
Turn the 7 keys. Unlock the 7 doors. See for yourself!


Episode 12

First Key: Who Christ Is TO Us Today
Part 1. Savor the majesty of his deity. Savor REAL life!


Episode 13

First Key: Who Christ Is TO Us Today
Part 2. His intimacy with the Trinity. Come, join him!


Episode 14

First Key: Who Christ Is TO Us Today
Part 3. Perfection of revelation. See God? See Jesus!


Episode 15

First Key: Who Christ Is TO Us Today
Part 4. Picture of Scripture. He fulfills and fills it.


Episode 16

First Key: Who Christ Is TO Us Today
Part 5. The claims of his names. 365 and counting!


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