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Don't exasperate your children...Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master. (Ephesians 6:4, MSG)

The goal of Christ Kids is to help your children know Jesus in the majesty of his spectacular supremacy. If Jesus is the greatest hope for your child—and he is—then a diminished vision of Jesus is the greatest crisis for your child.

Take a look at this one-minute video that highlights how ready our children are to embrace a larger vision of Christ.

To this end, we would like to recommend a few steps and age-appropriate resources as you partner with the Father to raise up children “in the way of the Master.” In fact, you might like to begin with the brand new kids’ devotional—Kids’ Daily Christ Reader.

A Diminished View of Christ

Even in our churches, our children can inadvertently end up treating Jesus as if he is only a:

  • mere human who was born, helped people, and died
  • great teacher with good stories but who has little relevance for now
  • Savior envisioned as still hanging on the cross
  • once-risen Lord with minimal power or authority today
  • soon-coming king but who is not a currently active king

A Full Vision of Christ

What if instead we taught our children the exciting message about the greatness of who Jesus is right now, such as:

  • his ascension to the right hand of the Father as ruler of the universe
  • his supremacy over all things and its implications for daily living
  • what he’s up to right now, active among his people and the nations
  • how he wants to actively involve us in the fullness of his reigning life

Frequently, truths like these can help our children complete the picture of ALL Jesus is now—not just who he was when he walked the earth—and change their outlook on him and their relationship with him as a result.

This is why Christ Kids exists. We want to help your children know Jesus in the majesty of his spectacular supremacy.

Recommended Next Steps

  1. Begin your own Christ Awakening journey to see Christ for ALL he is right now. You can’t give a child what you don’t have yourself. Ask God the Father to show you more of Jesus as he sends the Spirit for this purpose.
  2. Utilize the age-appropriate resources on the right of this page to foster a grander view of Christ in your child.
  3. Pray to ask the Father for help. Ultimately, our children are in their heavenly Father’s hands, but he’s entrusted them to us for a while. Christ Kids believes the best way to set your child up for a fulfilling life is to develop in them an enduring vision of Christ’s rule and reign as supreme.

Let’s ask the Father to do that:

Heavenly Father, thank you for entrusting (child’s name) to me. My desire is for (child’s name) to walk with Jesus all the days of their life, and for (child’s name) to have a full vision of who Jesus is. I don’t even know ALL that Jesus is, so help me to see him for ALL he is. Reveal Christ to me, so I can reveal Christ to (child’s name). Thank you also for the others you will use to teach (child’s name) about Jesus. Show me the place that (child’s name) has in your plans, so I may know how to guide (child’s name). As (child’s name) grows, help them to find their place in your kingdom. Most of all, may (child’s name) delight in you, glorify the Son, and partner with the Spirit for the glory of Jesus, whom you love. Amen.

Recommended Resources

Infants to two years old:
Read this article about how one children’s ministry points infants to two-year-olds to Christ.

Ages three to five years:
Read this article on helping children age three to five years to experience the living Jesus.

Elementary School:
Download the Kids Daily Christ Reader for 45 devotions for seeking ALL of Christ, written by a dad and his 12-year-old daughter.

Middle School and High School:
Download the Disciple6 six-year curriculum for making teenage disciples who “spend a lifetime embracing the full supremacy of the Son.”

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