CHRIST COHORTS – Coming Soon to Major Cities Across America


Coming Soon to Major Cities Across America


This is your opportunity to explore what the supremacy of Christ today involves and to join David Bryant in fostering a nationwide Christ Awakening movement.

[Editor’s Note: ChristNowOnline is about to launch a whole new experience for the Body of Christ—unlike anything that’s been offered before. And there’s a lot in it for YOU! In this blog post, David Bryant introduces CHRIST COHORTS—explaining why they are needed, what they involve, and how they can empower your walk with Christ.]

The concept of “cohorts” is as old as the Roman empire.

Originally, the word referred to a division of Roman soldiers who, through common battle experiences, had been forged into a tight band of comrades, ready to stand and fight together.

In the same spirit, I want to invite you to become part of a “cohort” of a wholly different kind—what I call a CHRIST COHORT.

A Christ Cohort is a gathering of Jesus followers in the same geographical area who meet around:

  • a shared awakening to more of the glory of Christ and more of the fullness of his supremacy today
  • an undeniable hunger to explore and experience more of Christ today and who do so with others
  • an increasing awareness of the urgent need for God’s people everywhere to enter right now into an encounter with the reigning Christ for all he is

You’ve probably never experienced any gathering quite like this before—whether for part of a day or longer.

Let me tell you about the benefits of a CHRIST COHORT. Find out what’s in it to help deepen your relationship with God’s Son, and learn how you can become part of the larger Christ Awakening movement in our nation.


A Closer Look at Who Comes to a

Christ Cohort and What We Do Together

Quite apart from Roman garrisons, the dictionary defines any contemporary “cohort” as:

A gathering of companions who band together—for either a brief or longer time—around a shared vision, experience, purpose, pursuit, identity or destiny.

Similarly, the CHRIST COHORTS that ChristNowOnline is launching this spring will be intimate, informal gatherings facilitated by David Bryant, initially for just a half day, such as a Saturday morning.

For three to four hours, CHRIST COHORTS unfold in the following ways:

  • Free-flowing conversations with each other about what we think concerning key facets of who our reigning Christ is today
  • Interactive discussions about our growing hunger for more of Christ and what this means for our lives right now
  • Stimulating group activities woven with times of enriching explorations of Scriptures about Christ today
  • Periodic moments for reflective worship and prayer focused on Christ
  • Throughout, members share their vision of Christ and walk with Christ to help each other go much further in our relationship with Christ after the cohort ends
  • Guided throughout by a seasoned Jesus follower (initially by David Bryant)

The basic framework for every CHRIST COHORT is the exciting vision of who Jesus is today as spelled out in David Bryant’s widely respected book Christ Is NOW! as well as The Christ Institutes Video Series and The Christ Institutes Podcasts.

Also, all kinds of free, practical follow-up resources for CHRIST COHORTS are available through the ChristNowOnline platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—but especially at the extensive ChristNow website.

Now you can begin to see why I said nothing quite like this has ever been offered to God’s people before.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in a local CHRIST COHORT as long as you:

  • believe that your identity and destiny are wrapped up in Jesus as Lord of all
  • want to love Jesus even more with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength
  • accept that your main purpose in life is to honor and serve and share Jesus
  • desire to grow a larger biblical vision of the supremacy of Jesus today
  • want to help other believers to see Jesus more fully for all he is today
  • come ready to interact with others pursuing Jesus with increased passion

Be assured of this: Across this nation, there are thousands of Christians just like you who for years have been begging to meet together with other believers who share the same hunger for more of Christ in their own lives, and who also long for God’s people around them to be more passionate for Jesus with them. A Christ Cohort is your opportunity to meet other like-minded Jesus followers, to explore together your concerns, and to interact about where to go next with this movement.

Here are the key takeaways for every Christian who experiences a CHRIST COHORT:

  • Growth—You will come alive to much more of the greatness and glory of Christ today.
  • Camaraderie—You will discover you are not alone in your hunger for more of Christ and more of his reign in your life.
  • Interaction—You will have an opportunity to interact with other believers who are pursuing all that the Bible promises we have in Christ—to learn from one another, encourage one another, and pray for one another.
  • Equipping—You will learn how to take advantage of a wealth of free resources just waiting to deepen and enrich your life in Christ and your ministry for Christ after the gathering.
  • Mentoring—Those attending the initial Cohorts will have an opportunity, as well, to sit with David Bryant personally and discuss with him your questions and concerns about experiencing more of the glory of Christ, about how to grow more passionate for Christ, about what it means to live daily in the reality of the lordship of Christ, and about how to share this vision of a much larger Christ with other believers.
  • Mission—In addition, you will connect with local Christians whom you may have never met before who are eager to work together to help foster and serve, right where you live, the Christ Awakening movement that is unfolding nationwide.


Here’s How We’ll Do It in New York City

on May 19—and YOU Are Invited!

In one sense, May 19 is a “specialized” form of a CHRIST COHORT. That’s because it incorporates an annual event in my city called The Pastors’ and Leaders’ Symposium.

This year they have revamped the morning hours, from 9:00 AM–12:30 PM, so that it will involve all the main elements found in any Cohort.

A CHRIST COHORT can involve as few as ten people in someone’s living room. On May 19, however, we’re expecting at least 100 to attend, convening in a banquet room reserved at the Hilton Hotel near JFK Airport.

Setting: Inside the room, at least 15 large round tables will be set up where small group conversations will take place. (In a living room, you would just circle the chairs.)

Fellowship: Although never required for a normal CHRIST COHORT, on May 19 a simple breakfast will be served, allowing Christians to get to know each other around a meal. (In your living room, you might have snacks and beverages available to share at the beginning as you get to know one another better.)

Praise: The breakfast will be followed by a brief time of worship in song and prayer focused on the glory of Christ.

Testimony: Then for about 30 minutes, I (David Bryant) will share with everyone a little bit of my walk with Jesus—describing my personal experience of a Christ Awakening and how this has impacted my outlook on the supremacy of Christ today. (Of course, anyone who has a similar type of story to tell could do this at a Cohort in your living room.) That kind of testimony sets the stage for the focus for the rest of the Cohort experience.

Sharing: Next, around each table participants will share a little of their journey, describing something of their own vision of the greatness of Jesus. In addition, they will be encouraged to share about their hunger to grow to know more of the reigning Christ today.

Reports: There will be an opportunity for a few reports from the tables to be brought back to the whole group. After that, the floor will be open for additional free-flowing discussions or Q&A. This segment will close with worship and prayer around each table.

Discussions: For a good portion of the rest of the New York CHRIST COHORT, I will walk the group through selected portions of Christ Is NOW!, a copy of which everyone will receive when they arrive. Readings from the book will provide the springboard for in-depth conversations as a whole group as well as around the tables. Of course, the book is a key follow-up tool after the Cohort concludes.

Praise: Additional times of worship and prayer will be woven throughout, followed by further conversations about Christ. Worship is how the three hours will conclude, as well.

Costs: For the Cohort on May 19, there is a registration fee of $20 to help cover the breakfast and the book. A CHRIST COHORT in your living room would probably involve no expense except for any resource material, such as Christ Is NOW! (which provides valuable enrichment for conversations throughout the three hours, sharpens the focus of our sharing with one another, and gives everyone something to feed on after they go home).

Would you like to explore hosting a CHRIST COHORT where you live? Write me about your interest through the contact page at


Do You Live in the Tri-State Region?

Join Us in NYC on May 19! Here’s How to Register

If you’d like to join us, here’s what you need to know:

  • We are gathering at the New York Hilton, JFK Airport, 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Register directly at
  • Space is limited so register early
  • Consider registering a friend to bring with you
  • The $20 registration helps cover the complimentary breakfast plus a free copy of my latest book, Christ Is NOW!

After the opening time of worship and introductions, the rest of that Saturday morning will unfold as a CHRIST COHORT—just as I’ve outlined in this blog post.

Below, you’ll find the “official flyer” for May 19. I sure hope to see YOU there!


About the Author

Over the past 40 years, David Bryant has been defined by many as a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer” to the Church throughout the world. Formerly a minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI), and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, David now provides leadership to and to Proclaim Hope!, whose mission is to foster and serve Christ-awakening movements. Order his widely read books at


  1. Joy Mykytiuk 5 years ago

    Are there others in the Lafayette/West Lafayette, IN area who have responded to this? If so, I would like to join with them.

    • Author
      David Bryant 5 years ago

      Hi, Joy! Thanks for your interest. Right now everything is “under development” as we launch the premiere Christ Cohort this coming Saturday. After that, we intend to focus on cities where we have a high concentration of subscribers to our ChristNow Facebook page–places like Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta. If you’d like to organize something there with participation from various churches and from Purdue University, I would be open to exploring some possibilities for a half day Christ Cohort up ahead. So nice to hear from you. David

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