As Paris Trembles, Consider the Mysteries of His Majesty

How do we reconcile the royal majesty of Jesus with the slaughter that has shaken France?...

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How the Church Will Shine Brighter

French scientist Augustin Fresnel shows us how the Church can shine brighter....

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Where Is Jesus and What Is He Doing Right Now?

If someone asked you where Jesus is or what he is doing, would you know how to answer?...

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How One Church Improved Its Conversation About Christ

New Heights Christian Church of Kent, WA wanted to improve its conversation about Christ, so after e...

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How Much Do We Actually Talk About Christ?

Read more about why talking about Jesus matters, and how it can lead you into a deeper encounter wit...

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Trying to Catch Up to Who We Really Are

The Bible says we “... have been given fullness in Christ.” But we're not yet living as we truly...

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