Part 1: Is There Hope for a Christ Awakening in America in 2016?

We might say it like this: Our God holds lots of promises up his sleeves. And he has big sleeves!...

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The Always-Free “Christ Cast” Webinar Ministry

The Always-Free "Christ Cast" Webinar Ministry The always-free "Christ Cast" webinar series is a new...

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A New Year’s Prayer for a Christ-filled Year

Heavenly Father, At the start of this New Year, these four things I ask......

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I’m Celebrating Christ in Prison This Christmas. Wish You Were Here!

East Jersey State Prison is “first fruits” of a Christ Awakening movement that must be unleashed...

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Why You Can Be “Hopeful”

Messengers of Hope give others a deeper understanding of the glory of Christ and a fuller hope shape...

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Why the Goal Is NOT “What Would Jesus Do?”

The goal of Christian discipleship is to grow and mature in Christ, so that we no longer need to ask...

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Is Jesus First on Your Christmas Wish List?

Which is more important to you—the absence of problems or the presence of Jesus?...

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Why Keeping Jesus at the Center of Your Life Simply Isn’t Enough

Let's go beyond seeing Christ merely as the center of our lives because he is so much more!...

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A Challenge to the Youthful Remnant in the American Church

After 50 years of prayer and waiting, the American church, including youth, finally may wake up to J...

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Hey Leader, Are You Treating Jesus as a Mascot?

As a church pastor, I’ve become convicted about how many church leaders—including me—have trea...

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