Without Christ I Am Nothing: Gary Frost’s Christ Awakening

Editor's Note: How important is the Ascension to the life of Christ? In this blog post, Gary Frost e...

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What If We Prayed Christ “Clear Through?”

Editor's Note: Do you pray Christ "clear through?" In this blog post, Steve Hall challenges us to pr...

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Special Report: I’ve Seen America’s Future and It’s Filled With the Glory of Christ

Editor’s Note: In the past few days David has written a couple of blogs where he reflected on an h...

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The Danger in Pursuing Spiritual Growth

Editor's Note: Are all spiritual growth activities useful in growing closer to Jesus? In this blog p...

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Here’s What’s at Stake for America in This Defining Hour: We Need a Nationwide Christ Awakening—Now!

Editor's Note: In this blog post, David Bryant proposes that when Christians become freshly stupefie...

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Stupefaction: The Drama Awaiting Every Jesus Follower

Editor's Note: In two recent blogs, David Bryant explored John's personal encounter with Christ's sp...

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Why I Hang Out With Outcasts

Editor’s Note: On April 23 we hosted a Christ Talks event in State College, PA, where 10 speakers ...

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Listen to Your Master’s Voice

Editor's Note: Recently David Bryant's blog gave a fresh look at the ascended Christ through the eye...

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Reconsidering Jesus

Editor's Note: In his Christ Talk, Chris Heinz realized he was treating Jesus way too small. In this...

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Something Could Happen July 16 on the National Mall that Changes Our Country Forever

Editor's Note: As perhaps one million Christians are expected to gather on the National Mall for a d...

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