Christ’s Subversive Strategy of Silence

Christ’s Subversive Strategy of Silence As prepares for our second all-day Christ Ta...

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Christ When My World Caves In

Christ When My World Caves In [Editor’s Note: When tragedy strikes, we all want something firm...

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Which Presidential Candidate Should I Vote For?

The answer to a reader's question about which presidential candidate to vote for....

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Watch These Stunning Images of Jesus [Video]

When I watch the video, I’m filled with the stunning awareness that indeed Jesus is supreme over s...

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How a Greater Hope in Christ Leads to a Greater Passion for Christ

Waking up to all we have in Jesus should ignite in every believer an intensified pursuit of more of ...

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There Is a Parasite in the American Church

Dr. Richard Ross' observations on the American Church inform us not only of where the church is curr...

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Free Webinar: How to Make Easter More Meaningful

Register for the free webinar on March 15, at 9 PM EDT and be prepared to enjoy a more meaningful Ea...

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How Focusing on the Supremacy of Christ Can Unify a Church or Nation

Jesus is alive and active, willing and ready to exercise among us the gift of unity anchored in his ...

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Announcing Christ Kids and a Devotion on Super Tuesday

[Editor's Note: Kids can use Christian resources as much as adults. Browse the ChristNow website for...

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Christ: The Only Way to the Father

In this blog post, George Bakalov affirms that indeed Christ is the only way to the Father....

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