My Christ Awakening: From Jedi Knight to Royal Ambassador

Editor’s Note: In the midst of ministry, Rev. David Beidel experienced a revolution in his own inv...

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24 Quotations About Christ to Keep Us Thankful

For Thanksgiving, Chris Heinz lists 24 quotations about Christ. Perhaps you may find a way to share ...

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Four Vital Questions About Believing in Christ

Editor’s Note: Today's blog is adapted from his book “Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Chri...

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As You Step Into the Voting Booth, Remember This

With many in our nation so politically divided and fearful about the election outcome, there is an o...

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Jesus’ Excellency and Exceptional, Extravagant Love and Plan!

Jesus’ Excellency and Exceptional, Extravagant Love and Plan - Nancy Wilson focuses on the person ...

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The 1857 Christ Awakening in New York City: Could It Happen Again Here or Anywhere?

This concert of prayer for a Christ Awakening launches a week of “Movement Day Global Cities” me...

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How Jesus’ Ascension Wrapped Up His Earthly Ministry to Make It Work for You

How Jesus’ Ascension Wrapped Up His Earthly Ministry to Make It Work for You HE WENT UP ON HIGH! P...

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The Most Important Thing Anyone Needs to Know About You!

Becoming truly Person-driven (Christ) transforms us into Christians who are also passion-driven, and...

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The Time Has Come for an “Ascension Reformation”

David Bryant calls for a radical “reformation” today among God’s people, as we apply the doctr...

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Why the Ascension of Jesus Matters to You

Editor's Note: Do you ever feel that God is far away? In this blog post, Dr. Russell Moore presents ...

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