Discovering Your “PQ” (Passion Quotient) for Christ

Today's blog provides us with several stimulating themes we can use to probe how far we’ve come in...

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Obsessed: No Turning Back. No Holding Back.

Have you ever had a melody lodge in your mind to such an extent that you become “obsessed” with ...

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The Heartache of Settling for an Affair With Jesus

Crisis in the Church: the widespread willingness of many of God's own people to settle for far, far ...

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The Forgotten Question: What Is the Direction of My Affection?

In today's blog, David Bryant reveals the often overlooked power of hope to ignite in us undying dev...

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7 Effective Habits of Christians Hugely Passionate for Christ

Echoing the title of Stephen Covey’s book about effective people, David shares seven practical dis...

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Consumed With Christ: Is That Normal? Really?

This is another reflection from David Bryant, this one exploring most exciting dimension of Christia...

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Recovering a Full-Fledged Fervency for the Supremacy of Christ

As we begin 2017 with fresh resolutions about life changes, why not put at the top of the list a com...

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A New Year’s Prayer for a Christ-filled 2017

Editor's Note: At the advent of a New Year we are pleased to republish a slightly spruced-up version...

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Why the Supremacy of Christ Subsumes the Centrality of Christ

Editor’s Note: Today's blog is adapted from Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ by Richar...

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What Does It Look Like When Christ Rules a People Through Revival?

This amazing story is adapted from portions of Christ Is All: A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of...

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