Recovering a Full-Fledged Fervency for the Supremacy of Christ

As we begin 2017 with fresh resolutions about life changes, why not put at the top of the list a com...

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A New Year’s Prayer for a Christ-filled 2017

Editor's Note: At the advent of a New Year we are pleased to republish a slightly spruced-up version...

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Why the Supremacy of Christ Subsumes the Centrality of Christ

Editor’s Note: Today's blog is adapted from Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ by Richar...

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What Does It Look Like When Christ Rules a People Through Revival?

This amazing story is adapted from portions of Christ Is All: A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of...

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My Christ Awakening: From Jedi Knight to Royal Ambassador

Editor’s Note: In the midst of ministry, Rev. David Beidel experienced a revolution in his own inv...

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24 Quotations About Christ to Keep Us Thankful

For Thanksgiving, Chris Heinz lists 24 quotations about Christ. Perhaps you may find a way to share ...

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Four Vital Questions About Believing in Christ

Editor’s Note: Today's blog is adapted from his book “Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Chri...

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As You Step Into the Voting Booth, Remember This

With many in our nation so politically divided and fearful about the election outcome, there is an o...

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Jesus’ Excellency and Exceptional, Extravagant Love and Plan!

Jesus’ Excellency and Exceptional, Extravagant Love and Plan - Nancy Wilson focuses on the person ...

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The 1857 Christ Awakening in New York City: Could It Happen Again Here or Anywhere?

This concert of prayer for a Christ Awakening launches a week of “Movement Day Global Cities” me...

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