What If the Whole Church United in Praying One Simple Prayer Above All Prayers? “JESUS, SHOW US YOUR GLORY!”

Steve Hall, a seasoned prayer mobilizer in the Pacific Northwest, recommends we follow the pattern f...

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The Time Has Come for an “Ascension Reformation”! Will You Join Me?

May 10 was Ascension Day, 2018. David Bryant carries our thinking a step further, not only by lookin...

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CHRIST COHORTS – Coming Soon to Major Cities Across America

This is your opportunity to explore what the supremacy of Christ today involves and to join David Br...

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Do You Want to Serve King Jesus More Fully? Here’s My Charge to You

It is precisely, word for word, what David would want to say to ANYONE who intends to give themselve...

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Join Millions of Us on May 3 to Pray Up a Storm Across America!

You may not believe this, but on May 3, by a standing act of Congress, millions of Christians will g...

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Three Priceless Insights in Answer to a Priceless Letter

David Bryant received this letter from a friend who is going through a major transition in his profe...

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The Greatest Christ Proclaimer Since the Apostle Paul: What Billy Graham Meant to Me

On March 24, a powerful, new movie hits theaters—Paul: Apostle of Christ. However, many of us had ...

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The 90th Oscars vs. Jesus: Beware Hollywood and Antichrist!

How can Jesus followers approach viewing movies in a way that enlarges their vision of Christ and he...

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Start an Exciting, New Adventure With Christ—via Twitter!

Sign up for ChristNow’s Twitter ministry to get daily tips about how Christians grow in our daily ...

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Jesus Calls Us to HATE Everyone! What’s With That? (‘Cause I’m in Love!)

Recently, David Bryant was asked to address, separately, two relevant issues: (1) Why did Jesus use ...

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