“Why Do You Put Such an Emphasis on Who Christ Is Right Now—Today?” 4 Answers to Reset Your Life

David Bryant offers 4 Answers to Your Question That Can Revitalize Your Daily Walk With Christ...

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Have You Discovered Your Secret Identity?

David Bryant helps you reverse this identity crisis and get back the “identity” stolen from you....

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Can You Envision an Army of Youth Intent on Exalting Jesus Across Our Nation Today?

A nationwide Christ Awakening will require the emergence of a whole host of younger leaders to step ...

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Keeping Up With Jesus Our Supreme Pathfinder

A postlude to David Bryant’s five-part series that explored one of seven key dimensions of Christ...

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Jesus Meets Us Where He Sends Us

David Bryant fills us with solid anticipation about how Jesus makes our lives count for his global c...

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How to Take Full Advantage of Your Great Expectations

David Bryant clearly demonstrates why the Christian life should be filled with experiences of God’...

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Time to Reset Your GPS! How Jesus Goes Before Us Into the Heavens to Take Us There With Him—Every Day

Explore and experience God’s Son in whole new ways as the One who goes BEFORE us—leading the way...

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See How Jesus Goes Before Us Into the Future to Bring It Back to Us Today!

Learn the major directions in which Jesus takes us as he goes before us into the FUTURE ...

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A July 4th Meditation: “In God We Trust”? Really? Which God? Trust How?

Ignite fireworks of faith in your heart, not only on this upcoming Independence Day but also far bey...

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12 Realities About Christ Today That Give America the Hope of Securing “a More Perfect Union”

These truths about the active reign of Jesus will lift your heart, increase your faith, and give you...

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