Christ’s Supremacy: The Questions
We’re Afraid to Ask but Must

In this week’s blog post, David Bryant wraps up his “Summer 2020 Series on Supremacy” by diggi...

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Wonder Where Christ Is in Our COVID Crisis?

Many of us have asked this question more than once in these past months during the tragic outcomes o...

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Black Lives Really DO Matter Because Christ’s Life Matters

Take a good look at the picture above. Surely, you’ve heard about what happened on that watershed ...

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Knee on the Neck or Knee at the Throne?
The Miami Police Answer!

David Bryant explores a whole other perspective on resolving the turmoil embroiling our nation right...

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A Meditation for Ascension Day 2020
The 7 First Words From the Throne

Today—Ascension Day 2020: “The 7 First Words From the Throne”...

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May 7—National Day of Prayer guide: "Five at Twelve for One"...

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Shelter in Christ as You Shelter in Place:
An Easter Week Meditation

Like it happened in ancient Egypt, even so at this moment in the American story, a genuine plague ha...

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Pandemic Panic or Passover Peace?

Like it happened ten separate times in ancient Egypt shortly before the Jewish exodus began, even so...

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