“20/20 in 2020”

This year is about more than a New Year’s RESOLUTION. It is about a New Year’s REVOLUTION design...

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Seven Truths
About Christmas
No One Ever Told You

The next time you sing “O Come Let Us Adore Him” this season, how would you like to be adoring J...

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The Privilege of Pain

I was moved to tears as I peered into what is believed to be the prison cell of the Apostle Paul in ...

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Who’s Really in Charge Here?
Is It the Donkey, the Elephant, or the Lamb?

Starting this morning, aired gavel to gavel on all major networks, the House of Representatives open...

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Why Should Christians Be
HAPPY at Halloween?

I ask and answer whether it is proper for Christians even to recognize Halloween, let alone celebrat...

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March for Jesus

May 30, 2020. In cities and communities across America and beyond, churches will unite to parade thr...

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Let’s Remember 9/11 but
Not Forget the Greatest Crisis
We Face Today

On 9/11, 2001, I stood near my home on a mountain crest called Washington Rock Park. From this vanta...

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An Amazing, Jesus-Exalting
for Believers Everywhere!

In my last blog post I shared with you the amazing story of Jeff Bezos, founder of Read More

“Hate Has No Place in America!”
But What If CHRIST Has No Place Either?

“Hate has no place here!” So declared Donald Trump after dozens of our citizens perished at the ...

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A Failure-Proof Approach to Making Good Life Decisions

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, went from quitting his job to becoming the world’s wealthiest pers...

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