Are You Living a Life That Is
Vertical with Jesus?

David and Kim Butts, leaders of America’s National Prayer Committee and the national training org...

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Let’s Remember 9/11 but
Not Forget the Greatest Crisis
We Face Today

On 9/11, 2001, I stood near my home on a mountain crest called Washington Rock Park. From this vanta...

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We Need More “Napoleons” Among Us!

Sitting in prison, broken and defeated, the Emperor Napoleon made an amazing assessment of Christ....

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An Amazing, Jesus-Exalting
for Believers Everywhere!

In my last blog post I shared with you the amazing story of Jeff Bezos, founder of Read More

“Hate Has No Place in America!”
But What If CHRIST Has No Place Either?

“Hate has no place here!” So declared Donald Trump after dozens of our citizens perished at the ...

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A Failure-Proof Approach to Making Good Life Decisions

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, went from quitting his job to becoming the world’s wealthiest pers...

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Times Square Becomes JESUS’ SQUARE!

On Saturday, June 29th, the Times Square area in New York City was turned into a Holy Temple. King ...

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Christ in the Comic Strips

Today, far too many Christians and churches across America find themselves captive to a paralyzing ...

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This month “Saturate New York” has completed, for the third year in a row, a five-week initiat...

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First-ever Study on the Supremacy of Christ for TEENS

What if the youth in your church tackled this study and got ruined with a new passion for Jesus’ r...

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