WELCOME! to the Christ Awakening NOW (CAN) Facebook Community

As a part of this one-of-a-kind Facebook group, you “CAN” share in an exciting adventure with Jesus followers, starting where you live but expanding nationwide.

Together, you “CAN” encourage one another to explore more ABOUT Christ, experience more OF Christ, and become more FOR Christ.

But there’s more!

Working together as a team, the Christ Awakening NOW (CAN) Facebook Community “CAN” become part of a Christ-exalting spiritual revolution, both locally and nationally, as you join with believers everywhere involved in The Nationwide Campaign for an American CHRIST Awakening (see more about this movement HERE).

Does CAN seem like a group you’d like to be involved with? If so, then keep reading!

Two Main Goals for CAN

GOAL ONE: To develop a uniquely designed community of Jesus followers who want to connect with others nearby and across the nation who have a similar desire to go further and deeper in their life in Christ and to live more wholeheartedly for his glory.

THEREFORE, group members agree to actively interact with one another as we share our experiences with Christ, our discoveries about Christ, and our commitment to keep growing in Christ together.

GOAL TWO: To band together as a force of “change agents” who help encourage God-given Christ Awakenings among God’s people where we live as well as across America.

THEREFORE, group members agree to pray for one another as a team as well as for Christ Awakenings locally and nationally. In addition, we agree to exchange with one another the practical ways we’re finding for effectively serving Christ Awakenings among God’s people. We agree to watch for and report to one another where Christ Awakenings are breaking out and having an impact.

Are YOU ready to join the

Christ Awakening NOW

Facebook Community?

Are you ready to grow a larger vision of the reigning Christ for yourself—to learn how to live more wholeheartedly for his glory and the advance of his kingdom and to help other group members do the same?

Are you ready to connect with other Jesus followers to work together to help raise up a nationwide Christ Awakening movement?

Then, welcome to CAN!

Soon, the CAN manager will contact you to help you get connected with us.

CAN is a ministry of ChristNow.com and a strategic facet of
The Nationwide Campaign for an American CHRIST Awakening.

Note: All CAN members must agree with our Statement of Faith.

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